Thursday, March 30, 2006

And I thought I had nothing to say....

Well, the socks are done. Does Cascade Fixation always take FOREVER to dry? I tossed these in the dryer (with other clothes... a very light load) and everything came out dry but these. So, I tossed them in on their own. Nope. I blocked them and stuffed them with DRY facecloths and put them out overnight on the radiator. Nope. Two days of drying and a combination of the hair dryer, the regular dryer and some cussing on my part--- they are dry! And packaged. And going to the post office today. :) So, gotta email my sock buddy and let her know: they are on the way!

I called PC on my way home last night to ask him to thaw the chicken in the microwave ( I had a suspicion... if the socks didn't dry, the chicken wouldn't thaw) and he said "you got a BIG package today."
hmmm... "I did?"
"Yup, from California."
" From M?" ( a friend in Cali)
"Nope... someone called the "Yarn yenta""
She wrapped my present up in a very pretty gift bag and then slid the bag in the box! Ingenius! I am going to have to spend some time over at her blog, learning about her! She really "got" me, y'know? And I have to say, this last box, well... it took the cake. And made me cry. Alot. But it's a good thing.

Yummy alpaca "twist" yarn... PC tried to steal it... he likes to "squish" alpaca in his hands... feels good.
A new journal/sketch book
Magnetic magnifier (I NEEDED this!) for all my cables and fair isle
two boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea (I am off coffee since I quit smoking): blueberry and raspberry--- the raspberry is great!
a book light that clips onto things and is VERY bright. :) It's perfect for my "knitting"spot
a little photo "brag" book (that matches my new dining room curtains-- how did you know?!
and the reason I cried: a lovely book about knitting through "life's more challenging moments"

With my dad sick and so much stress, my secret pal has been there. She has sent words of encouragement and hope. And now this. It means so much to know that there is someone out there saying a special prayer of hope for my family (I know a lot of you are... and I really do appreciate it). I am going to spend some "quiet time" with this book (and a box of tissues) this weekend. This is a time of year when my grampy passed (last year) and my nana passed (3 years). It's a hard time of the year for me. I loved these people very much and think about them daily.

The day before yesterday (umm... tuesday?), I got a package from Adrian over at Hello Yarn. I had some "mystery" laceweight that came from a friend of a cousin who didnt' know what kind of wool it was. It's fuzzy. It kinda stuck to itself? I'll ask Adrian. But, she and I were talking over some yummy cake at Cara's big Olympic party and I asked if she could dye it. It was white. I want to try lace, but I am going to need some funky lace, y'know? She said sure. I gave her full authority on color/pattern/blends/etc. I did say "no pink/red" b/c I was buying the top colorway from her (Valentine... oh my--- if yarn were edible, this would be gourmet!):

She does good work, no? The green/blue/yellow is so beyond what I could have ever imagined myself. Go check out her site.. she's a great person (Hi Adrian!) who spins and dyes her yarn . This is her own company, her full time job... and she loves it. I am jealous of her everyday. If you are looking for something TRULY different, go see her. I will buy from her again in a hearbeat. Prices? A tad higher than an LYS, but it's beautiful and soft. I am already thinking ahead to some Christmas scarves/mittens/hats. :)

Oh, PC wants you to know that while I am fondling yarn and putting my "side" of the "office" (cough.. yarn room... cough) together, I am completely neglecting him. I am providing him with a hot delicious meal each evening and stimulating conversations ("can you believe this is superwash?"), but this is what he is fed for breakfast each day. And he has to make it himself. :O

I stopped by W&W last night to get some Encore (blue/yellow/white) to start Parikha's blanket this evening. And I grabbed a skein of Cascade Sierra. I was hoping for Cotton Fleece, but they don't carry it. Any thoughts on this yarn? It's going to be an aran for my dad. Lemme know.



  1. Sorry about all the tough stuff in your life right now!

    My Fixation socks do not take so long to dry. I just put them on the drying rack next to the dryer and they dry just as quickly as other handknit socks.

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    The Bloomin Feet are so cute! I love the color.
    They have Cotton Fleece at Fabric Place and they are having 25% EVERTYHING in the store including markdowns through Sunday. I went today and bought...nothing.
    Your secret pal spoiled you!! What nice gifts.

  3. Hurray! i am so glad it came!
    It was great getting to know you!

  4. I get pH strips at I'm not sure how great they are, but they work.

    I have NO IDEA what kind of wool that lace yarn is. I was full sure it wasn't wool at all and test dyed a snip to be sure I could even dye it. It's the fuzziest wool I've ever felt. I'm so glad you like the dye job!