Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Hmm... wasn't I supposed to take some photos for all of you?
Did I?

*sigh* It's like my life is on repeat right now: wake up, shower, make coffee, go to work, drive home, make dinner, clean up, laundry, other stuff (for about an hour), sleep. I know, it's normal and all that, but I'm feeling like a little "me time" is needed soon.

Tomorrow I get the evening to myself to get my hair "did" (dyed and trimmed, a la Grumperina style) and I am taking my Bloomin' Feet socks with me. I can't figure out why socks, on large needles, that are "shortie socks" are taking FOREVER. I know why... I hate this yarn. I have knit with it 3 times so far and I really am NOT loving it. My sock pal for BF requested this specific yarn, so I am knitting it. But, I originally had hoped to knit 2 pair, but now, it's only one. I will send her the extra yarn I bought and the pattern I am using.

It's funny how sometimes your "real life" can pour into your "blog life". Monica needed some way to measure pH of her dying solutions. I work in a lab. A lab that was gifted by another lab with a lot of little boxes of pH papers. Little strips that you dip into something and then match up the colors of the strip with the color-pH guide on the back. I met Monica back at the Opening Ceremonies for Team Boston, and I have to say: she's a hoot!

Before the move, I was here and saw this:

I then moved, and when I went back to get the pattern, it was gone! I emailed the blogger and voila! I am now test knitting it for her!
I need to buy the yarn, but I'll have photos soon! (once I find the damn charger!)

Well, almost 2 weeks of non-smoking and I'm still not "happy about it" but it's bothering me much less than I expected. I keep looking at a photo of my girlfriend's kids and thinking... do I want to chase them around a playground? I can't SMOKE ... what will that teach THEM?

So, my blogaversary is coming up soon and on Friday, I'll be announcing another contest! This one's going to be fun and will generate a few winners!

:) Mini


  1. Test knitting? How fun is that! I want to test knit! (Whining here, in case that didn't come through)!

    So, when do we get to see the socks?

  2. Congrats on the no smoking thing! At least you aren't like that guy on Survivor who smoked 3 packs a day for 20 years and then went to live on some isolated part of Panama with no cigs.

    And test does that work?

  3. Hi. I am a reader of Monica's blog, and I would like to know if it is possible to buy online the pH stripes you sent her. I am a beginner spinner and I will buy some natural coloured wool which I intend to dye. Thanks a lot!