Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why does the...

camera always die when I have good pictures to show you?


Ok, so the Bloomin' Socks are DONE. DONE. DONE!
They are blocking on the washing machine (Ms.Washie in this house!) and they look pretty good. They are definitely "footies" and not so much socks. Hmm... well, we'll see if she likes them. I am offering to knit a second pair and mail them to her if she hates them. (Cause i would want someone to do that for me). So, now that i have seen all the socks out there... who is making mine? I am DYING to know!

Also, I had Adrian dye my mystery laceweight and it came out great!

And I got some of her hand dyed yarn...oh my. YUM. PC said it felt "super soft". That's quite a compliment.

I am working on a sweater for me (Gasp!) using the Turino silk i have had forever. And I am swinging past W&W tonight to check out Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and to see about getting some Encore for that entrelac baby blanket.

I have to clean the house (my mother is coming Friday, PC's mom is coming Sunday) and get my craft room looking "decent" before hand. :)

SP7 present went in the mail today!

:) Mini

PS_ whoever posted a comment about the pH strips: you can get them here. You may or may not need an FDA # for this. If you do, buy the best pH strips you can get at any pool/spa chemical manufacturer/supplier. THey are not as good (Not So Much with the Accuracy).


  1. Hey look! You're famous!

  2. Great bloomin' socks - can't wait to see the pic.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, and welcome to Newton! We're in the Waban section. I don't know of any Newton knitting groups, but you could look at this site, maybe one of the Cambridge ones would be worth a try:
    Nonantum...have you been to DePasquale's Market on Watertown St.? They have great sausage (or lots of funky pasta shapes, if you're a vegetarian).