Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Can I ....

Still love knitting socks for my Bloomin' Feet pal if I HATE their sock yarn? Arrggghhh... I have been HORRIBLE at posting for the Bloomin' Feet (and I am also the last one to be done). How have I been doing? Well let's see:

1. Lost socks during the move for a week. A week. Panicked for about 4 days.
2. Have had to rip and restart each sock at least 6 times. I have never done this for a sock.
3. THANK GOODNESS my sock buddy has feet about the same as me (bigger ankles, but for some reason, I have very wee ankles I think), so I have been able to try them on as I go.
NOTE: I will be washing them tonight...I'm not sending anyone stinky socks!

4. I know that there are knitters out there who absolutely LOVE this sock yarn and I can appreciate it's cotton-y elastic-y yumminess, but dude... it's hard to get gauge.

So, each sock is DONE. I have downloaded a "guide to grafting" tonight and I am using the ice cream scoop as a darning egg (hey, it works!)... I will graft tonight! I am nervous b/c I am notoriously awful at kitchenering, but these aren't for me... they need to be perfect!

Wanna see them?


They are "footies" for my pal. It's funny, I have done longer socks on smaller needles faster... anyone else have this problem? I have more of this yarn ( I am sending some to my pal, she really likes it!) and I think for cotton socks for moi, I am going to head over to Grumperina's new friend and see what she has!

Tonight's Itinerary:
1. finish socks
2. make pretty package for socks
3. get SP7 final package together



  1. They are pretty! And you *can* do the grafting. Slow and steady.

  2. I just had to cast on about six times for a sock on Sunday. It is one that I am designing and I just kept mucking it up. Persevere!

    The socks look nice.

  3. Love the lilac color kate. I find that particular yarn hard to knit myself. I like stretch, but when it stretches so much I'm unsure about how far to stretch it as I knit it.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    i always have to go down a needle size with cascade fixation.
    your last package finally made it into the mail yesteday, priority ofcourse so...by friday? i hope!

  5. They look just lovely!

    And grafting becomes easier the more you do it. I'm almost to the point where I am comfortable not reading the directions before each stitch!

  6. They look great and I the color is yummy. I have to admit I'm not a fan of the CF but inherited some from a friend-- it is saved for the kids. Not for me!

  7. Oooo... I *heart* when my SP tells me to expect a prezzie! It's like "hurry up adn run home and check the mail!" So much better than run home, check mail and get bills. :) ha ha ha