Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tales of moving...

Actually, there are very few tales to tell. Moving went well. As someone who has NEVER moved themselves, I can tell you... I think this went smoothly. Now, if you ask PC, who has moved umm.. 4 times?, this went FANTASTIC!

Thursday: hung around waiting for gas company guy and bed delivery guy. Put up curtains and such ( I know, who puts up curtains before moving all of their crap in?). Showed my parents and uncle (who stopped by post-radiation) the apartment. Ate coffee and Sour Patch Kids... got belly ache. I had moved a ton of things up there on my own that morning and I was starting to get "more sick".

Friday: PC and I both have the day off! So, I gets up early with my mamacita and wait for PC. He's overslept which is ok, b/c I was off early to the Filene's door buster sale. ( I have never been b/c I get to work at 7:30 a.m. and these are ALWAYS during the week). I have ONE GOAL: a Kitchen Aid mixer that is normally $400... came home with me for the price of $170. :) So, the guy puts it in the car and I drop off mom and PC and I pack the car. I'm sick at this point. Can't breathe... coughing and sneezing... watery eyes... slight fever and chills: SICK. We go out to breakfast--- I'm doing ok. PC says "we forgot our new pillows" so we go back to the house (umm.. 2 blocks away at this point, a non-issue) and get the pillows. At the new apartment, PC lugs the majority of everything up the stairs and into the apartment. I nap. No really, the ulitmate control freak in me takes a nap. Oh, and we bought a washer/dryer off craigslist which was delivered on Friday. :)

Friday night: we find a yummy fish shop that serves dinners (it is Lent). And we head back to the separate homes for the last time. I watch TV with the parents, play with the puppy. And get sick all night. My mom's last official "mom act" with me living at home: waking me up at 3:20 a.m. to give me cough medicine. Yup. Even as a child, I would be coughing, hacking and making all kinds of awful noises (sick noises) and be sound asleep. I was keeping everyone ELSE up.

Saturday: MOVING DAY. The day we cash in all those favors to friends and family (my brothers, specifically) and make them lug our crap. PC's "team" consisted of "E", "A", "PC" and "PC's dad". My team was "R", "J", "SIL-J", "T", "L", "P" and me. :) We got all loaded and at the apartment by 10:00a.m. we started at 8:30 and had coffee. PC's team was there by noon.

Props to: my SIL, the master mover who can make anyone lift anything. :) And she helps unpack sweaters. : )
my friend "L" and her boyfriend "P"-- they are SO not morning people and I will NEVER do this to them again. "P" is a master cleaner!
my brothers: "R" and "J"--- you guys drive me nuts, but you worked hard and did a great job of being "Dad" when he couldn't.
PC's friends: "E" and "A"--- thanks for helping! Especially "A" who drove a long way to help us move!

Some pics tomorrow...along with a Bloomin' Feet update! I hope to have one of the socks done, and another "turned" by tomorrow. :)



  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Sorry to hear that you've been sick and you had to move at the same time. I'm glad everything went well with the move. Good Luck in your new home!

  2. You almost make moving sound fun.

    Naaaw, not really!

    Looking forward to seeing the Bloomin' Feet socks, and pics of your new place though.

    Hope you get and stay well.

  3. Anonymous3:16 AM

    What an adventure! Hope you are feeling better! I hope to have a new box on its way next week. "Test mail" for your address going out tomorrow. ;-)

  4. Hi Kate, I was just browsing to see if there was any sign of "Bloomin' Feet" since you were the only one left "still bloomin" on the latest Bloomin' Feet Update. Any chance we'll get to see them before you mail them out?