Friday, March 10, 2006

Telling Secrets...

So, dear friends, I have some (and one V. BIG one) secrets to tell you today. Hmm.. in which order shall I do this?

Small things:
1. we still haven't unpacked all the boxes
2. I am finding out things about PC at warp speed... some I like, some I don't.
3. I miss my house. MY house. Home.
4. I do NOT regret moving in with PC... I just expected there to be a honeymoon period, but there isn't. Not after 4 years of dating.

Medium things:
1. this week, I hate my job. I LOVE my job 365/24-7 and this week, I hate it. I dunno why.
2. I need to get the new apartment organized (especially the yarn) SOON... it's driving me crazy and I think I may explode. ( I am going to the Container Store--- tomorrow)

1. I quit smoking. Last week, on my last official "I-don't-live-with-my-boyfriend-I-live-with-my-parents" day. Well, "quit" is such a strong word. I am "pausing" smoking. When I am 80 years old, I can light up as many as I want.
2. I wake up dreaming of smoking.
3. I am afraid of doing certain things, b/c there has always been a cigarette involved.
4. Coffee is not as appealing anymore either.
5. I have been smoking since I was 14 years old. I am 28. I have been smoking 1/2 my life.

No pictures b/c of the following:
unpack a box.
find camera.
unpack a 2nd box.
find battery charger.
go get camera.
realize dead batteries.
go to grab charger.
realize it went back into a box.
you don't know which box.
you have elevnty-million boxes in your living room alone.

More Later!
:) Mini


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Good Luck with quiting smoking. You know you can do it.
    Don't sweat the boxes. We still have a few that we haven't unpacked in oh 12 years.
    Have you met your neighbors?

  2. Congrats on the quitting smoking thing. It will get easier.

    And the honeymoon, no such monster. But a good relationship beats it anyday, anyway.

  3. Good for you for quitting smoking!!

  4. Good for you for quitting smoking. You just gave yourself a four-figure raise.

  5. Ah Mini - you've got the I-just-moved-blues.. I understand, have done it sooo many times.. and the first part is the worst! where is everything - where will I PUT everything.. not to worry though.. it shall pass.. find some yarn, sit and knit.. it'll soothe.. and if it is all still packed, sounds like a trip to your LYS is in order to celebrate your smoke-free days !

  6. Anonymous2:27 AM

    My mom hasn't smoked in 27 years. She still dreams of smoking and can taste it.
    Congratulations! Hope quitting goes well and PC realizes it is the lack of cigarettes not the living with him that gets you edgey!