Friday, March 24, 2006

Black Plague

Not the title you expect on one's blogaversary, is it? Well, I have some sort of plague that makes me hungry, makes me puke, makes my belly hurt and if i spin/swivel/bend down--- I get dizzy for hours. (my job needs me to spin/swivel regularly).


So, winners...

I have 4 entries and

2 got all three right!

I am Norweigan and Irish and therefore, knitting is like second nature!

2 got 2 or more right:
my secret pal.

Email me (kskaare at gmail dot com) with your addresses and then be on the lookout for presents! :) Give me like a week or so to drop them all in the mail. We are installing DSL this weekend at the new place and I think I might be without internets until Monday.

I have a great post about what I have learned, yada yada... but for now, I will save it for Monday.

Thanks for playing and don't forget the email me those addresses!


  1. DSL is AWESOME!! Good on ya, mate!

    I'll email you contact info and thanks!!!

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I hope you feel better. H's friend who she spends hours with each day has been sick with the same sort of plague. I'm waiting but I really hope it doesn't visit us.
    Happy Blogiversary!!

  3. Yeah for the winners, but boo for me! I wanted to play!! (Like I need more sock yarn)!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. Is there such a thing as too much sock yarn?


  5. hehehehehe, cool! Thanks for the contest, it was way fun =)

    Thanks Trek for bringing it to my attention =)

    email en route!

  6. Your illness sounds like Vertigo - I had that for like a WEEK once. It mainly an inner ear prob. I couldn't even watch TV with out throwing up.

    I really AM sending the email now, I got distracted yesterday