Thursday, March 16, 2006

Casa de Mini y PC.... a virtual tour...

WELCOME! If you made it up these stairs (or more specifically, you FOUND these stairs!), you have made it to the front door of Casa de Mini y PC.
And you see our "french doors that lead to nothing". Yup, there is a WALL behind those doors; purely decorational. And blue.
To your right, our bedroom or if we were doing this on MTV Cribs:
"where the magic happens, yo"
yup, that's a fireplace as our headboard. It's all closed up and this eliminates any potential draft problems. Moving on... leaving the bedroom, passing back past the decorational doors, you enter the living room.
Why do we have 2 papasans and a recliner? Umm... my brother and SIL are giving us a living room set, but their new one is being delayed about 3 weeks, so... 2 papasans and a recliner. I *heart* our built-in bookcase. :) This room is very sunny and very comfy. Through the living room and on your right is :
The fish room... or le toilette. PC picked out the fish theme and please notice the floor... CARPET.
Down the hall--- step down one step. A small step. A step that scares the crap out of you at 2 a.m. when you want a drink of water. :)
On your left is the Fiber/Yarn/Computer/Office room. :) And yes, 80% of those boxes are yarn/needles/sewing stuff/fabric. It's a mess and I need to get some sort of organizer for this.

A little further down the hall and toward the BIG CLOCK... you find the dining room:

I really like our little table and chairs! Courtesy of my other brother's girlfriend. And here is my the very end of the apartment... way in the back.

And our fridge... you can see in the above photos, my washer and dryer. :) I love this!

Ok, so we are off to complete a meme... this one is old, but I thought... why not?

You are supposed to show photos of your view out the front door...
Here are mine! They are looking straight, right and right around the corner.

Oh, and this is the golden rule of this house:

Obligatory knitting content:
I started a Jaywalker last night... love the pattern.. yarn- notsomuch. I will probably gift these socks.

Hope you enjoyed the long awaited tour of the Casa de Mini y PC!



  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    The love nest is so nice! You have a washer and dryer, in an apartment. You are so lucky! I lugged laundry for the first 2 years I was married. Not fun.
    Have you checked out Ikea for yarn storage items? They have nice stuff.
    The Jaywalker looks good. I like the stripes.

  2. Wow! It looks like a great place! Lots of room for an apartment! I love it. The neighborhood looks nice, too.

  3. I like your virtual tour Kate!

    When we moved from the UK to California we had ONE papasan chair while we waited for our sofa and armchair to arrive. There was a fight every evening over who got to sit in the chair, and who had to make do with the brown shag-pile carpet.
    (We also had our TV resting on the box it came in for a few weeks!)

    Congratulations on 2 weeks without smoking!! That is a great achievement!

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Oh! It is a very cute apartment!

  5. Now if you were going ot be totally Cribs, you would have to show us a pic of your fridge stocked with Cristal champagne and bottled water. And your freezer full of poppers and nuggets, yo.