Friday, January 23, 2009

PC's better... and I am still a knitter.

Finally Friday. Oh, so many things to say you all and so many thanks to give.

PC's fine. Well, he will be. He was admitted to the hospital with severely elevated high blood pressure. Think of everyone you know with high blood pressure and guess their number.

I'll wait.


Add 50 to each number and you probably are still lower than PC. Ugh. So, now we play the medication game... trying out drug combos and working with his super awesome doctor (seriously, love.this.guy.) to make miracles happen.

So everyone knows. I don't hate nurses or ER docs. I hate not knowing. I hate being scared. I hate not being able to help the one I love when he is sick and we don't know why.

But, as a knitter.... we all know what i did in the ER right? I knit. And knit. And knit.

I also went to my retreat. PC insisted and we have family nearby and as he said "either go or stare at me all weekend... your choice". I chose wisely. (and I left the cat in charge as PC's nurse). My guild's retreat...well, what happens at Whispering Pines, stays at Whispering Pines. I will say that I love this group of women more and more each time I see them. I was surrounded by well wishes, positive energy and wool all weekend.

Onto the knitting:
I knit these socks for me. I don't like them. They are knit on US3s, this makes this very warm. I need warm socks, not very warm socks. My mom... she needs VERY warm socks. Dog walking socks. Making dinner while standing on the concrete floor socks.

Meet Mom's Socks:

Hello Yarn's fat sock yarn. Colorway... umm. I forget. I call it Dennis the Menace b/c it's the colors that kid would wear in the comics. Simple sock formula:

CO 54
K2p2 for 3 inches
Knit for 4 inches; make heel, make gusset, decrease to 48 stitches for foot. Knit foot until 7 inches. Decrease toe evenly on the sides (ssk and k2tog). Kitchener.
Make 2nd sock.

And finally.......

(ignore the mess on my dresser... it's' been hectic around here)
Nurse Pumpkin is happy that her PC is healthy... being a nurse is exhausting!

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