Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Knitting

But that's not green is it? Nope, but it is "green" as in environmentally friendly. It's a Swiffer scrubber from the Mason-Dixon Book (#2). I love it. I am hoping I have enough kitchen cotton yarn to make another one. I had read reviews of using them and was impressed that some people thought the purl bumps scrubbed better than the diposable ones. I'll let you know later... I need to wash the kitchen floor.

In another attempt to be 'green' , these are buttons from my stash... and while they are plastic, they will be well used over and over again.

And here's the Swiffer... ready for action. Now, I did test this out. This cover fits over my regular swiffer and my swiffer wet-jet. So, it can be sprayed with dusting spray and be used around my woodwork and be fitted to the wet-jet and be used to mop the floor.

And, this is how Pumpkin helps with the housework. She holds down the laundry. (PC had left his sweatshirt on the bed before he left for work... this is what I woke up to.)

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