Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I need some HELP

Oh, this morning was knitting MAYHEM.

I have 11 skeins of the DK weight wool from Shelridge Farms, pussywillow color. I am planning on making the Lowry pullover from Jamieson's Shetland 3 with it.

So, this morning, I say "I should wind this". So, I pull out a skein. Undo the wrapper. Put it on the swift. Clip the little "ties" and then start to wind. I get about 5 feet into the skein and whammo! A tangled mess. Hmm... am I winding the wrong way? Undo the 5 feet, try winding "the other way". Whammo! tangled mess. Uh. oh.

Take it off and try a 2nd skein. think to myself "i'll deal with that rogue skein later". 2nd skein: Whammo!

Third skein, I finally get wound and it was a labor of love. It took FOREVER.

Any ideas? Any suggestions? I do not want to wind 11 skeins of yarn by hand. Shelridge has been contacted... I hope they respond.


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  1. No advice about the yarn, I had this problem with some Blue Sky ALpaca once. It took me 3 days to wind 5 skeins by hand. Hope someone knows something that helps, because I'll be checking back to find out.

  2. PLEASE email me the address again for sending the fun-fur hats to you so they'll get to the kids at the Children's hospital. I lost it somehow. Thanks!! fbw2004@aol.com

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  4. I had the same problem with some baby Alpaca Grande. First time I used my new swift and winder. It tangled so badly that I ended up cutting the worst of it off! There was much bad language spewing forth, needless to say. I solved the problem by holding the yarn in my free hand, about 4" from the winder to add increased tension. It worked like a charm.

  5. I had this problem with Shelridge too. I did one skein a day over a 5 day period. I couldn't do more than one because it was a wretched mess. I thought it was me at first and that I hadn't made sure all the yarn was going the right way (like I had tangled it and put it on the swift wrong). Good luck

  6. Oh, I should have added that the yarn is really nice and I didn't mind the little extra effort, a few weeks later of course when I wasn't mad at it anymore.