Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some of you (ok, MOST of you) don't know this about me but I love the Wizard of Oz. I love the movie, the characters and the entire thing. hell, I even love the Wicked Witches. But, all of last night and most of today, I have been repeating one phrase:

"If I only had a brain".

I think that sums up the Marketing Department at Turner Broadcasting. I know, as a 20-something living in an urban area, I am supposed to be pro-artist and pro-expression. And really, I am. I think that art is crucial and important and should be a part of all school curriculum. I think that self-expression is something that we all live trying to balance... how much of ourselves do we express? But, when YOUR art-expression-creativity causes ANY potential for endangering another life that's not your own (see more about that later), YOU should be in jail. Creating a panic in the public is illegal, irrational and downright juvenile. Now, I realize that some of my fellow pre-30 (better than late 20s) Bostonians are stupid. And I mean, please-don't-enter-the-gene-pool stupid. But worse, they are downright passive. And the worst of it? These people are making it seem like the Police were in the wrong? (I have some strong feelings about the generations that we are raising and this just feeds them. )

"big deal"
"who'd it really hurt?"
"gave the cops something to do"
These are statements popping up all over the internet today regarding the near-mass panic created by a loser from Arlington (too bad, I liked that city) and another loser from Somerville. I tell you, the "big deal" was that while they did allow the Boston PD Bomb Squad to try out some maneuvers, they also endangered their lives. These two assholes (sorry, I try to limit the cussing on this site, but this is necessary) forced the police to UNNECESSARILY detonate BOMBS in the city. Do you realize how dangerous that is? People (elderly people, people with small children--- some of you uber-liberal types are expecting your own soon... think about this when you shuffle them off to the DayCare next winter) were left out in the cold waiting for buses and trains, evacuated from buildings, etc.

Now, personally, I am big advocate of the punishment fitting the crime. I think Loser #1 and Loser #2 should have to go door-to-door with the head of Turner Broadcasting (and they must walk and take public trans to do this) and personally apologize to the people of Boston. Now, be reminded, my day was not affected by this "hoax" at all. Until today. The people of Boston have a right to speak and so do I.

I found this "hoax" insulting, childish, and needless.I am-have been-will always be a champion of the blue-collar portion of this city. They built the condos, run the trains, clean the parks and keep you safe. They may not do it very the best, but they do it. And most of the time, they do something you and I wouldn't want to be doing. And for a lot less money than we wouldn't do it for. Some of you may think that this tirade is a little "woohoo" for Mini and you might be right. I was directed to several blogs/forums/discussions today where I constantly heard "overreaction" and "out of proportion" and "just kids".

I am 29 years old. I have not been "just a kid" since I was 17. I think someone (see loser #1, loser #2, and Turner Broadcasting executives) needs to step up, own up and admit culpability. I think "Mumbles" Menino was right, this was stupid. I am not always his biggest fan, but I have to say the following: If you are a hiker in NH and you get lost on the mountains doing something STUPID (i.e. hiking Mt. Washington in flipflops and shorts, without water and having this be your first hike), you are fined. You are fined the cost of your rescue. Why? B/c you are stupid and others shouldn't have to pay for it. My parents' taught us to own our mistakes, but as my father always said "you can't fix stupid".

I also think that the Boston Police should be commended on their quick response and professionalism under the circumstances. So, tonight, go home and say "thank you" in your own little way for the people who do their jobs, no matter what the risks. And to the people of Boston, think about this the next time you say "who'd it hurt?" or "what was the big deal?" about a box with lights and wires: what'll your reaction be if there were one on a train? An airplane? Under your car? I would rather have the Boston Police and State Police "overreact" in matters of public safety than under-react, wouldn't you?

My two cents,
PS- not in the mood to be flamed, so if your horse is high today, stay on it and don't bother leaving any comments.


  1. (not sure if this is a duplicate).

    Well said. I am incensed that they felt they could attach their junk to the public infrastructure. There should be nothing attached to the I-93 support structure that is not part of the business of holding up the highway.

    Anyone who says it was an overeaction has not lived where bombs left in trash cans have killed people. America is naive.

  2. *appplause*
    Nice rant. :) I agree!

  3. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I think people forget that on 9/11/01 planes left Boston with the terrorists. The people who protect this area have reason to overreact. I for one am happy that they took the situation seriously. Heaven forbid something serious happen in the future, at least we know they are prepared to handle it.

  4. I agree with you 100%. I was shocked when I heard that Turner Broadcasting was behind this - it's just such an absolutely S.T.U.P.I.D. thing to have done. I don't understand how anyone could think that it is no big deal to terrify an entire city!

  5. Well said. I agree with Karen....those people who are making those flippant comments have apparently forgotten about 9/11.

  6. so blogger is being stupid, trying to comment..AGAIN!
    so in the searching for litebrite oddities, i heard they found 2 pipebombs. is it true???

  7. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Even if you're too ignorant to tell that this is most certainly not a bomb, the bomb squad damn well better be able to:

    Before you throw the book at these people, maybe you should grow a clue.

  8. Heather8:15 AM

    What choice do the police have, but to respond the way they did? You said it so well, it is far better to over-react than to under-react. I'm sure lots of laws were broken and I hope the judicial system gets the pranksters on every single one. They need in a big way to redirect their energy. Thank you for the write-up; it was a good read.

  9. When you try to rob a store and poke your finger through your coat - making it look like you have a gun - then for all legal intents and purposes you DID have a gun. The same should hold true for someone who has something that anyone might think "looks" like a bomb. You should be prosecuted as though it really were a bomb.

    Smart ass guys on really pissed me off.

  10. So if we all shrug this off and say, "They should have known b/c of the cartoon characters," isn't that a nice invitation to someone making a real bomb to just slap a cartoon character on it?

    I don't think these morons would be so blase about this if they had actually known someone killed on 9/11. I also think if something like this happened in England, where they've been dealing with terrorist bombs for far longer than we have, heads would roll.

  11. Anonymous9:45 AM

    BRAVO! I agree that this caused unecessary panic in a city that was part of the 911 nightmare.....My cousin was at work in World Trade #2....she was one of the lucky one's that got out that the people of NY think this is a funny...I doubt it!