Monday, January 29, 2007

Dude, we're gettin' a Dell....

Do you remember that annoying little man from the commercials? He was the epitome of the ultimate-stoner dude. As I clicked the "complete order" button today, I said, out loud "dude... we're getting a Dell." My cubicle neighbor giggled uncontrollably.

Why are we getting a Dell? Mostly b/c our old computer is PC's old computer and while it's been working "ok" for a bit now, our MP3 players don't play nice with it. Specifically PC's new 20gb MP3 that I got him this summer. And with an increase in salary for moi this year, we can afford this little luxury. A laptop. (don't worry honey, we can still use a "real" keyboard). Also, my digital camera currently spits and hisses at PC's old computer. I don't see them playing nice in the near future.

What else is new in Chez Mini et PC? Well, the pipes froze this weekend and we thought we were going to have to move VERY SOON. But, some clarification with the landlady and some creative suggestions on PC's part (he's very smart about these things---renting and such, I assume the best of all people and think "oh, well... we have to pay it"... guess what? we DON'T! who knew??), we are staying put in our little hovel of a home. Now, an enlightening moment from PC: he doesn't like our little apartment! Personally, I think it's "good enough" for what we pay and where we live. I like to think "we don't own it" and that makes me feel better about not having any counters. :)

Knitting? I am *thisclose* to finishing ONE Anemoi mitten. Oh, these are addictive! AND I have the entire Knitpicks Pallette collection ( a gift from a friend a long time ago) so I am thinking: Christmas presents! Next year, there will be Anemoi and other colorwork mittens for Christmas. :)

We got a ton of hats over the weekend ( I really need to bake cookies for the mailperson (ours' is a girl)).

Oh, and my extra special goodie of the day? Adrian of Hello Yarn, is speaking to my knitting guild on Valentine's Day! YAY!


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    When I got my last computer, I defected from Dell and got an iMac. I've never been happier. I was really disappointed with Dell's customer service, and I found that the Macs weren't that much more than the high-end Dells. When you're ready for a replacement (which I know sounds ridiculous since your brand new computer is on its way), have a look at the Macs. In particular, I think the Mac screen is a lot easier on my eyes than the Dell ever was, and I stare at the screen all day.

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I've been buying Dells for many years, and other than Customer Service, I'm still happy with 'em! (Screen quality will certainly depend upon the monitor you buy - not the brand of PC) So if you just hit that enter button today, you're gonna get Windows Vista. I'd love to know how that goes! Congrats! P.S: We had a big flood in the basement of our rental about 8 years ago, and I DID have to pay for the repairs, so sometimes you do get bitten. Glad you didn't!

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I am a Dell believer, all of my PCs and laptops are Dells. I agree their customer service could be better but they do come through. My monitor was acting up last year and they replaced it for me although it was no longer under warranty.

    I see that the pipes froze on your side, our furnace decided to take time off, hehehe.

  4. Ah life with a laptop! You'll be in heaven. :) I'm goign to have to give Anemoi a try. I love color work and Eunny's stuff is amazing.

    And yay the Dude we're getting a Dell guy got caught with weed so Dell fired him. I think that's hysterical.

  5. Dell is really good, that's what we have. Remember when the "dude" went to jail for um what he epitomizes? I was chanting, Dude, you're gettin a cell. He was the real deal;) Enjoy you new toy.

  6. oohhh so jealous! I love Dell pc's. Good support, easy to do your own upgrades, pretty dependable. Enjoy the new toy!

  7. We did the same thing when we got our Dell.

    You should never have to pay for repairs to anything that was in your apartment when you rented it. I highly suggest you talk to a lawyer (one that has a free consult) about your lease agreement and your Landlord-Tenant act. It sounds like the owner of your building needs to put some work in on your place. It should be darn near impossible for an apartment's pipes to freeze.

    Although I think Canada's Act might be more strict and detailed than the U.S. one.