Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holy Smokes Batman!

Or should I say "knitters"?
We are *ahem* (drumroll please...)

300 + knitters.

In a week. Holy crap.

These hats (see above) are just from Kristie! & hats... I know that Sue is on hat #4? probably 5 by now... :)
Some more prize announcements:

Cara at January One has donated 2 skeins of Socks that Rock (in the G-Love and January One colorways-- see her blog for the photos) and a box of her notecards... this is all one prize package b/c well... who could split up Cara and her G? that's like having peanut butter without jelly!

Jyny (blogless) is sending in a to-be-determined gift card to Michaels' or Joann's!

Catherine has donated a $30 gift certificate to Mama Llama (check it out! nice stuff...) shop!

Isobel has donated some hand-dyed sock yarn... drool...

Jenn has donated a set of stitch markers (she just started her own business... and is a good email friend---send her some love!) of your choice!

Maureen has offered some handmade button covers--- check her out!

If I have forgotten anyone who donated, let me know! As the hats start rolling in, I will be posting some photos. Pumpkin (our cat) will start drawing names on March 1st for all the prizes and will assign prizes to people... she's being very secretive about the entire process of selection.
Mini's knitting guild ( Hi Ann! I know you are reading! but go knit a fun fur hat, please! lol...) is off to a weekend knitting retreat this weekend. Last night, they all cast on for fun fur and I unloaded about 60+ balls of fun fur on them! So, what are they doing? Finishing up hats... and knitting some over the knitting retreat. I was super-impressed with how many people brought already-completed hats to the meeting! PC commented that the skateboarder-type hats (London Beanies) were "pretty cool." In "PC"-ish, that's like getting a nod from Mr. Blackwell.

A note about what hats to knit. Yes, the kids requested fun fur. The conversation between me and the Child Life Specialist was that *most* of the kids wanted those. So, what about the "not-most"? Skateboarder hats and skull caps for boys and girls. 10-16 is a tough age and sometimes crazy hair-head is cool, sometimes a skull cap is cool... so, I am offering up the opportunity to knit both. No hat will be sent away unloved! Also, some of you knitters didn't have fun fur or couldn't knit with it, so this gives you an opportunity to knit for the kids too!

A reminder: if you are knitting the non-fun fur, please make it machine washable and soft. :)

Knitting in Mini-land: I am working on one of Dad's sleeves, a pair of toe-up socks and fun fur hats. This weekend will be fun... I am dying some yarn (some for me, some as a donation to the contest) and hopefully i will be able to clue you in on some knitting by then.

keep on knittin' !

:) Kate


  1. I finished my first hat!! I will probably blog about it later today. Thanks so much!

  2. I am so happy to see that you have received such an overwhelming response from the knitting community. I find it amazing. Amazing! I would love to offer something, too, but I’m not sure what others may like. Maybe I could offer a few skeins of Noro? Yes, put me down for that. (I’ve just made up my own mind …ha!).

  3. So weird to see a photo of my hats on someone else's blog .. weird, but oh so cool!!

    I'm boxing them up now & mailing them off to you tomorrow! I'm thrilled to be a part of this!!

  4. Kate, I have my first hat finished and will be sending it off this weekend along with a skein of handspun yarn for a prize drawing.

  5. Aaah, Kate, you're selling me short. I've finished 7. ;)

  6. Hi just passing through from another blog. I've posted your request for caps on the forum. There might be some hookers (who knit too) that might be interested in pitching in.

  7. HA! Like knitters are gonna say no? I'm on #3, for me sweet Kate, that's alot in a week. I'll crank em out til my Fun Fur shrivels up girl! Hope this all gives your dad a grin! You two started a really good thing here.

  8. Working on a hat today when friends gather at my home for a few hours to knit and crochet. hopefully by the end of the week I will send off a furry orangey hat!l

  9. Yahoo! It warms my heart how knitter will rise to the needs of others. Thanks for handling all of this, and of course your address is safe with me.