Friday, January 19, 2007

I really should have some photos to put up here, but I don't. I have been knitting... mostly on my socks (that fun fur really knocks it out of you, doesn't it?), they are almost done. I've made some decisions about this blog and the charity drive, etc. I will be updating with fun fur hat stuff 2X per week. And the rest of the week is mine. M'kay?

So, Fun Fur for Kids (or, as I have been calling it "muppet heads"):

1. the Sweet Sheep ( has donated a prize package and has an offer for people knitting for the cause: 10% off coupon!!!! (check it out, I am drooling over some of the things over there!) Now, the coupon code is my zip code (the 5 digit # that is included in my address); this prevents non-participants from getting discounts! Michelle, the owner, is so proud of you all that she wants to give you this 10% as a reward. So, when you pop over there and spend some money, share the love... and tell her thank you!

2. I have more emails donating skeins of yarn than I can mention here. Also, stitch markers from tons of Etsy shops... I need to sit down and really go through the emails (sorry, everyone, i do have a full time job and I answer emails "as-needed").

a very special note though: we have a donation of a skein of Lisa Souza Sock! yarn (one of my favorites!) from Paula; Paula lost her daughter (Jenny) to leukemia 17 years ago. She was 10. Paula sent me an email saying that her Jenny would have loved these fun fur hats. So, my next 2 hats are "from Jenny".

3. Windsor Button in Downtown Boston has become an accumulation site for Kate's Fun Fur hats for Kids! Sue, the owner (and Beth... her rockin' employee and knitting instructor----I think I need to take a class!) has set a 20% discount on some of the "furry yarns" like :
Fun Fur Stripes
Fancy Fur

Make sure you tell SOMEONE there that you are knitting for CHILDRENS' Hospital. :) This shop is a Boston institution!

EDITED TO ADD: we have one more yarn shop "signing in": the YarnGrove has donated 2 skeins of J-knits SuperLight Sock yarn: one in "rhode island" and one in "wisconsin"--- just.gorgeous. :)
and finally,
#4..... oh, should I tell you? Ok...

549 knitters.


And, hats have begun arriving! :) Pumpkin has been inspecting each hat and having PC and I document who sent what and from where... (she's quite the taskmaster!). She wants me to say "mew,meow...meow meow. Mew mew mew. me---ow!" I think that means "way to go! keep on knitting!"

:) Mini


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Wow! First comment.

    549 knitters! (0r is that 548 knitters and one crocheter?) If we could harness the power of fiber people, we could solve global warming.

    Anyway, I was at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday buying another batch of 10 for $10 Fun Fur when I had a vision. Somewhere in some corporate office where sales prices are set, an angel with a knit gown and crocheted halo whispered into the cost setter's ear, "Fun Fur. $1 a skein. Just in time for the kids at Children's Hospital." Unknowing, the cost cutter said, "Hey! We need to move that Fun Fur." And thus it was.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    549! Wow!! I'm on my second hat and glad to be a part of this!

  3. Wow-even if everyone knitted just one. But we know better! Can you imagine what the hat count will be?

  4. Sweet! 549 knitters, way to go everyone!

  5. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Oh are going to be swamped with work on this deal. Wish I were nearby so I could help. Good thing you've got Professor Chickensnake! :-)

  6. I'm proud to be included among the 549—at least I hope I am. I'm still waiting for the arrival of the patterns and other information needed to complete the project. I have my yarn... I'm jrberry63 AT woh DOT rr DOT com (just in case my email didn't make it to you somehow).

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Wow. I am imagining the mountain of fun fur that you can make with all of those hats (and then jump into like a slippery haystack). A giant pile of muppet. Incidentally, I am glad I'm not the only one who feels like she's creating muppet scalps.

  8. Hope you received the package with the three sets I sent last week from Kingman Arizona. Let me know if you need any more with the matching scarves. Love your project Best wishes to all on the fun fur hats.

  9. Anonymous10:35 AM

    YES..that fur really takes on a toll...but I pushed through the pain. :) some on the way..more to come