Monday, January 08, 2007


Wow...did the "people in the computer" come through or what? I left the post up for a few days b/c I wanted to give the people I asked (Norma, Margene, Cara, Deb, Karen,Susan, etc...) to post to their blogs time to get the links going. I certainly didn't expect the response I got:

200+ knitters have answered the call.

Check out Susan: 3 hats already made! Norma made 1 (and yes, it'll fit!)... I will try to pick a few each week to show off on the blog.

You people amaze me. Amaze. Me. The weekend went like this (you will now know why your emails were a little late):
Friday night: call to PC, "you have a giant package here". Hmm.. Fun Fur! Work late, get home, cook dinner and then check out package. Start knitting hats. talk to PC about "overwhelming response: 50 knitters! this is HUGE!"

Saturday mid-morning: Check email. refresh page. Refuse to believe eyes. Start to cry. Yell to PC: mover 150 knitters! Need to run errands and get ready for dinner party. Make dinner, put fun fur hat on a friend, snap photo... (see below).

Sunday morning: Check email again. Make tea. Make Lunch. Check email again! Oh god...more tea and some serious cut and paste... I answered over 200 emails requesting the pattern info and my address. Then, the prize donations, discount messages from yarn shop owners... oh. wow. Mini pretty much lost her stuff on Sunday. I can only explain it this way: my heart is full. Please bear with me if I get a little behind on emails, etc... I really did expect *maybe* 50 people if I was "really really lucky"... you people amaze me.

So, we have some really cool things to announce like prizes and discounts.

First up: Yarnzilla

this is a great offer from a woman who owns her shop and will be knitting hats for the kids also. Now, who wouldn't want to buy yarn from someone who is knitting along with us???
Here's her offer:
I own both a bricks-and-mortar yarn store that does lots of online business, and we offer Funky Fur Magic on our website (which to me is about the coolest fun fur for kids, since it's self-striping). Funky Fur Magic retails for $6.43 (I think that price is already slightly discounted, which is why it looks a bit weird), but I'd be happy to drop the price to $3/skein for anyone who's knitting for your project. If you'd be interested in passing on this discount, please ask participants to type "Kate's Caps" in the comments area of the checkout form, and we'll manually change the price for any and all Funky Fur Magic purchased before we charge and process the order.

Prize info:
#1: Chris over at Woolybuns has offered up a skein of handspun (yet to be determined...)

#2: Joni at Union Center Knits has donated a very generous $50 gift certificate (with free shipping!) to her Etsy shop: Union Center Knits

#3: Sarah has donated a spindle/large project bag as a prize--- very pretty!

#4: One of our knitters (megann... no blog) has donated a ball (or two!)of Opal sock yarn

#5: Donna (another blogless participant) has also donated a ball of Opal sock yarn

And probably the most interesting prize donation yet comes from a non-knitter. See, PC's sister (hi Mel!) lives not just far away. She lives FAR FAR away-- the Isle of Man in the UK actually. So, we don't see her as much as we would like but we do email her. She visits this blog every so often and she saw the contest. She has very nicely offered to create a little box of goodies from the Isle of Man. Now... some of you knitters are true Anglophiles and we all know how knitters react to the idea of some international exchange... so, this is a cool prize. And, she has said she'll look into getting some of the wool from these sheep to toss in also. WHAT. A. PRIZE.

So, there you have it. This week's prize announcements. Pumpkin is anxiously waiting for packages--- she gets excited for boxes y'know! she was a bit overwhelmed by the 80 balls of Fun Fur that arrived at my house on Friday ( I made a bulk purchase for my knitting guild).

So, what did I do? Cast on Friday night for this:

This is my friend, Mari, modeling the "muppet head" at my house on Saturday night. My goal is to knit one or two hats per week... it took me 2 hours on US9 to knit the "no hair day cap" seen above. that's a movie with the great PC. I knit during movies anyway. :)

E.T.A: thanks to Headhuggers for all the pattern info and also to Alison Hansel for the generous use of her "thing 1" pattern!

Have a great day!
:) Mini


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Holy Cow - what a response! I just came over here from Norma's blog and I'll be sending you an e-mail as soon as I finish this. I have fun fur in the stash from when it first came out(I have a hard time getting rid of any yarn) and I'm happy to have such a worthy cause to use it for.

  2. Great news! I finished my fourth hat last night.

  3. Wonderful! I've got three done and a fourth 1/2 done. I'm so glad you've gotten such a great response!

  4. what an awesome weekend!!!!!!!! so excited for you! tirzah is working away on her hat. kezzi jus at the cast on so far. but they are plugging away. i better get into gear!

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Oh this is so great! I picked up some Fun Fur this morning and I'll start knitting hats soon.

  6. Finally got my post up and will dig through the stash to find what is hiding and will buy some if needed to make more. :)

  7. I am so amazed by the power of knitters. Good thing we use our powers for good and not evil!

  8. Oh, excellent! I'm so glad you have received such a great response. It's great to be able to help ~ thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I just finished the fifth!

  10. I finished my 4th this evening and have a good start on the 5th (I'm not as fast a knitter as you, they take me longer than 2 hours). Pics of the first 3 are on my blog.

  11. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I'm starting my 4th.....I will also enclose some yarn you an use as a prize when I send my hats this weekend to you..

    Diane from Holden, MA

  12. Maureen in Rockport3:18 PM

    (small voice) Am I the only crocheter doing this?

    I was wondering if I could combine the Fun Fur with something else to give it some structure - it's not the best stuff with which to crochet. Any thoughts anyone?

  13. My blog post tomorrow has the goth hat I promised. And I've got plans to make at least 2 more!!