Wednesday, February 07, 2007


you knitters are amazing! (this is a muppet-head post, fyi). Each and every day, I call PC on my way home. I get this habit from my mom--- my dad and her talk from the moment he leaves work until he pulls in the driveway. It's cute.

So, where was I? Oh! talking to PC... and he always says "5 packages" or "4 packages and 3 envelopes". He, of course, is referring to the # of hat goodies being tossed my way so that I can be prepared. Wanna know what happened on Monday?

Good li'l Mini was driving to the house, called PC and heard "y'know those totes that the Post Office gives businesses?"


Yup, we got one. A BOX of boxes. And envelopes. My landlady stopped me this morning (I bring in her paper in the morning; she's elderly, I was raised right... it just goes well) and said "are you running a business up there?" I informed her no, it was a charity thing I was doing (not too many specifics). She informed me that I now have 2 mailmen. One brings the "mail mail"--- bills, cards, etc. The "other" one, well... we feel sad for him. He spends each and every day dropping off packages to my house. They line the stairs going to our apartment.

Tomorrow: a picture of what we have so far.

Updates!!! I have received fun fur hats from over 80 people so far. And so far, the highest number per person is 20. Yup, and the note was cute "I started out knitting one... then it got a little out of control." I would say so! But, all the hats are great! We are seeing some very interesting patterns and styles and colors. PC is "judge and jury" and we are making a list, checking it twice... not one person is on the naughty list!

All of my fun fur in my house? The not-knitted up yet stuff? Well, it found a home! Lexington MA high school has a knitting club (how cool!) and they sent a mom (Hi Catherine!) to come and get it. Yup, I was "pushing" fun fur in back of my building at 10am. LOL. And then, on the day the pipes decided not to work, I missed out on meeting Harlene... a professor at Curry College, who is having everyone who knits at Curry knit a hat!

I will have photos (tonight perhaps?) b/c Dude, we got our Dell... and two phone calls and one very nice tech support Dell dude later, I know how to use it. :) FYI: Verizon DSL tech support? Completely sucks. It took them 3 people (I kept getting transferred) until someone RECOGNIZED what "Windows Vista" meant. Um.. what? You are providing DSL support for a huge provider and you aren't up on the newest operating systems? Good grief.

due to some email issues, if you were going to send a prize donation, can you re-send an email telling me 1) what you were going to send, 2) your site/shop/etsy address and 3) put "prizes" in the subject? I know, I'm sorry, but for some reason, my email is not letting me into certain things, like searching and I lost my list... bear with me, please! Oh, and tomorrow, we'll have names of who has sent hats, and photos. I promise... as long as my cough medicine and drops hold on... we will be ready-to-go.

:) Mini


  1. I'm holding off on mailing for another week or so as I still have stuff to knit with. I'm up to 4 so far, don't think I can compete with the person who knit 20 though! Good grief woman, you're going to run out of space for *you* in your apartment. :)

  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I can't wait to see the pile! Has your father seen the hats? He must be proud.
    Good luck with the new Dell.

  3. Oh, your poor mailmen (plural). Now I almost feel bad about getting ready to send off my hats. Still gonna, of course. Feel better!

  4. that is wicked awesome!
    i have 3 for you. waiting for tirzah the turtle to finish hers :-)

  5. The poor mail carriers! I recruited two more knitters for the cause today at the Essex County Needlecraft Guild in Topsfield (MA). I'll be sending a dozen hats soon just from me.

  6. Shoot! I thought I'd get the booby prize for the most hats. I'm sitting on 10 and have two more left to use up all that icky Fun Fur! I do NOT want any left in my stash. What can I say? I'm a snob. ;-)

  7. Quick note: ad for Ocean State Job Lots in the Boston Globe today: Fun Fur for $1 per skein.

  8. I'm re-sending you my offer of prize donation now. Sorry I didn't see this request right away. :)

  9. 4 more hats in the mail today from me... I can't wait to see a picture of all of them in a big fun fur pile.