Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm back!

Oh, what a long week it was last week! Everyday it was:
  • Rush to work to do work before the meeting
  • Eat poorly catered lunch- make small talk with colleagues
  • Endure hours of meetings
  • Stay late to finish work that needs to be done (b/c you are based in the "home" office)
  • Have to attend L-O-N-G work dinners (my colleagues are French--- dinner takes several HOURS)
  • Repeat.

So, very little knitting! I do have some updates... I am past the cuffs on PC's sleeves... I am doing both at once in order to improve my chances of having them the same length. :)
Here is my update of the Bloomin' Feet... yup, cuff-lettes (not even real cuffs!)...they are moving along. My goal is to get two pairs of "socklets" done for my pal. B/c Hey! 2 pair are better than one! I hope she likes socklets... she lives in an area that will be ok for socklets year-round!
Olympics? Yup, I joined the Olympics... I have my swatch, my yarn, my maths DONE. I know there are several people (thanks Maryse!) that know French and are ready to help me...andI am going to abuse those offers! Also, I realized something:

This is a set-in sleeeve sweater with an unusual ribbing in front. That's it. It's also in a teeny size. So, I added some "non-ribbing" (a.k.a. stockinette) to the sides to get a bigger size. Also, needed to re-adjust for gauge: I got 3.5 spi/5rpi-- the sweater (with the microscope...I am SUCH A GEEK) has 2 spi and 3rpi. So, I am knitting on a 10.5 US Bryspun circular with


My first Rowan project... I love the cork. And the color! Oh, this "bug's for me!" ( I know, bad joke... i have an excuse- I can't tell a joke--- it's true, leave a comment here for PC and he'll tell you!) I am looking forward to starting the knitting!
I am off to Doyle's on Friday night to knit with the "team boston". But I have a secret: I have Friday off. Yup, 2p.m. I will be knitting b/c Torino is 6 hours ahead. :) So, I will start knitting at 2- knit for a few hours, meet up with everyone at Doyle's and then it's nothing-but-knit until 2/26.

I am hoping that this is true:


(b/c we are apartment hunting and I have to run a corporate training next week)

Well, I am off to get some work done!

Happy Knitting!



1. the quilt I made for the baby shower

2. the quilt with the baby sweaters



  1. Hey, it's good to see you back at it again! I hope things are going well! That schedule of yours sounds like - yuck!! But you're up to it, I'm sure!

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Wow! You have been busy. The baby quilt looks great as does the sweaters. PC's sweater is also coming right along. The socklets are cute! Have fun at Doyle's.

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I like your hat for your dad. I am not quite ready for fair isle knitting. As we prepare for the games, may your knitting needles not slow you down and your yarn remain untangled!
    Being a west coast girl...I am going to link to the live feed of the games over the internet and cast on then.
    You should have a box by Friday.

    Your Secret Pal

  4. For being so busy, you sure are getting you knitting done! Your projects look great- I espcially like the colors you chose for your quilt. What a great gift!

  5. What an adorable quilt and sweaters! Sounds like you've been busy with work and knitting--can't wait to see the Olympic project :O)