Monday, February 09, 2009

FO Parade!

a few fo's that have been knit, sewn, and gifted already! The striped sweater and the bibs were gifted to my nephew, Jackson, in the hospital and the green sweater and quilt went with us this weekend for a visit.

A really great way to build up your knitting confidence after a knitting disaster (the beige sweater): knit baby stuff. It's cute, it shows off the knitterly talents and it will 99% be certain to fit now, or later.

Name: Jackson's Striped Sweater
Pattern: my own (available if anyone wants it)
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull (white) and Shelridge Farms Sock yarn (brown)- 1 skein each
Needles: US 3 circulars and dpns
Notes: LOVE this sweater... note to self: make more baby sweaters with sock yarn.

Name: baby bibs for Jackson
Materials: all cotton baby bibs and iron-on transfers. I saw these at JoAnn's and couldn't resist! Considering that my brother (the baby-daddy) is an investment banker/stockbrocker/finance guy... how perfect are these bibs? :) I love the "CEO: chief executive offspring" one!

Name: Ribbit! Sweater for Jackson
Yarn: Dyed myself green worsted weight superwash (Base yarn: Kraemer)
Pattern: EZ February Baby sweater... without lace
Needles: US 5 circs and dpns
Notes: really like this pattern, though a few mods: I put the sleeves on spare yarn and did the "quick baby knit" sweater trick where you do the sleeves last. Did the button holes every 6th ridge. Stockinette instead of gull lace pattern.

Name; Frog quilt for Jackson
Pattern: rail fences quilt block (7 inch square) using 3 green fabrics. Sashing is a pale yellow dotted fabric and backing is a wildly striped fabric. :) (his stroller is orange... it'll go well).
Notes: I really need to quilt more. I finally learned how to use the walking foot on my machine and I think this will make quilting more enjoyable for me now.

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