Monday, December 21, 2009

hats & mittens

Many thanks for the well wishes while I was sick. It's been on and off for a week now, and I am feeling a lot better. With all my Christmas knitting (which was few and far between) done, I can move onto very important things, like hats and mitten sets for some of the cousins' kids.

First up, dino hat with mittens. I found the dino graph on Ravelry, and yes, it's a steggy. The designer also had a brontosaurus. :) Cast on 100 stitches, 1 1/2 inch k2, p3; then switch to p2, k2 (for turning) for 1 1/2 inches. Then knit 4 rounds, start chart.
The dino's little sister is 100% all girl and all things girly. So, a cute heart beret. Pattern will be up on my site before Valentines' Day.
And, while I am knitting and PC's out shoveling, Pumpkin was wondering... Is the snow gone yet?

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