Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I didn't mean to just abandon you all like that! Life took over and while I'm still not up to speed on my knitting, I am knitting. My 2nd quilting class starts Jan 14th... and I cannot stop dreaming about the quilt!

Yesterday left me at home, gargling salt water and praying for death. Today there is an added cough, the lymph nodes are swollen and tender, and my head feels a bit foggy. It's not a cold.. I am definitely a nose-dripping cold kind of girl. I'm wondering if its allergies? I did spend a few hours with some adorable pups and it's been awhile since I was exposed to dog hair.

Holiday knitting is pretty non-existent. I purchased most gifts this year (easier and I don't spend Christmas night wondering if people *really* liked their gifts). I did knit a hat for an aunt, a scarf for a cousin, and my brother's gf requested a scarf, but is getting a cowl... and am working on two hats for two smaller members of the family. They can be shipped up after Christmas though. I'll show photos tomorrow, okay?

On my 'wishlist to knit' this week: Rav links
Maine Morning Mitts
Auda Beret
Tulip Yoke Baby Cardi
and finally finish my Girl Friday!

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