Friday, July 01, 2005

So, last night I was looking for something. Something completely not related to knitting...and this is what I found:

That's a lot of yarn, isn't it? Well, actually, it's a lot of "little yarns"... each ball is 27 yards. Why would I have all these little balls of yarn? Here's a little backstory:
My godmother, also my great-aunt, was a lovely woman who LOVED to knit. All she did was knit-knit-knit. She taught me to knit. And she taught me to love to knit. I grew up wearing her handknit creations, usually a sweater (with a matching sweater for my Cabbage Patch Kid, Smeenie) or hat. She passed away, very unexpectedly from surgical complications that involve a medical student, I always remember everything about my godmother as soft, squishy and warm. Now I know why.


All that you see in the 1st photo is 100% French Angora. It's old. It's soft. And it's hers/mine. It's funny what you get when someone (my cousin, my godmom's daughter) hands you several large Rubbermaid containers full of stuff and says "here, she'd want you to have it b/c you're the only one who would know what to do with it."

As you can see... it's old.

psstt.... some of it is from this company....every heard of Lion Brand carrying 100% French Angora?
Nope, me neither. I have a lot of this yarn. Now, don't misread this... I am not putting it up for a de-stash or a trade or a sale. I just want to know...


That's right... I am looking for suggestions. Now, bear in mind that I only have a little bit of each... mostly pink:

See that box? On the inside, on the cover, in light pencil it says for "for Katie-sweater-6mos" and there are a bunch of yardage calculations... (FYI-i'm katie). This was supposed to be or was part of a sweater for me! 27 years ago. Now do you see why I was crying? This wonderful woman that loved me so much that it physically hurt for a year after she died, touched this yarn. Picked this yarn. Thought of me when she saw this yarn.
And did you notice the price upside down on that box? Yup, $0.35 for a ball...8 skeins in a box. 3 skeins for $1.00. And the single ball of angora that you see above... 50 cents. Yup. For 27 yards.

So, now that I am reduced to almost crying again... I will give you my update for the weekend...
1. Kool Aid dying tomorrow. (i will take photos)
2. figuring out the arm hole decreases for the striped tank...hopefully finish it up Saturday night
3. cook out at boss's place (sunday)
4. SnB at True Grounds (Sunday)
5. random cookout at bgood Why's this cook out random? well, a few reasons:
  • it's not at the's at someone's apt.
  • we got e-vited via email (we're on the mailing list)
  • it involves an El Camino...

Seriously, check this "fast food" place out. It's good, cheap and healthy... where else can you say that in Boston? PC and I eat there, usually, 1X a week... our "friday night date". Go in, get a burger, try a drunk elvis and attempt to argue with me that their fries are not FANTASTIC. :)

Have a great knitting weekend... mine will be fibery goodness (PC is attending a bachelor party that involves paint balls... i am going to go invest in ice packs).



  1. What a sweet story about your grandma and the yarn. I think it would make a lovely blanket. You could knit beautiful squares and put them together. Then you'd have your grandma's hug whenever you wanted.

  2. I eould make a lap blanket. Just a small one. That way you could use it and be reminded of your god mother.

    I have to ask...what does PC stand for?

  3. I was thinking along the lines of a long rectangular shawl that you could wrap yourself up in. That is wonderful that you have this yarn. Treasure it.

  4. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Oh, mini.. those yarns are gorgeous and what sentimental value! You should definitely make something that you can cuddle up in and remember your sweet grandmother. My vote is for a shawl or two.