Friday, July 29, 2005

First things First.....

then second things second. Are you with me?

FIRST: all of knitting blogland is hearing these:

So run on over to see Rachael and shout your CONGRATS to her and LaLa. Yup, it's official! They are getting hitched! (once again, oh so wonderful to see a couple in love taking that big leap... and come to Massachusetts to do it... in the autumn it's gorgeous here!)

SECOND: always double check what size your significant other is before knitting them a sweater. Oh, wait. I did that. And I did a gauge swatch. And I washed and dried the gauge swatch. In pattern. And what happened? what should have been 22 inches across went to 27 inches across. Huh? Double checked cast-on #. 140 stitches. Check. Double check the # stitches after the 3 stitch increase. 143 stitches. Check. Sigh. What next?

Take the sweater back (in progress) and put it up against significant other. Make him feel threatened by keeping the sweater on the needles and almost poking him (~8 times). Declare that you have NO IDEA what you are doing. Look at nervous compassionate face and KNOW that you can't just toss this project out. Go home. Use smaller needles to cast on again. This time 128 stitches. (make smaller size... if your gauge grows again... it will probably work out to be the right size--- does this reasoning only make sense to me?). Cry. ALOT. B/c after you have completed the ribbing with the smaller (US6) needles, you need to swap to US8 for the rest of the pattern. SOB. Uncontrollably. B/c you have spent the better half of this week (I did have to work--- work=no knitting) getting the cabling down and memorizing the pattern and you were 7 inches up the back... and those are the only US8 Addis you own. In the back of the 1st attempt at this sweater. Close your eyes, and PULL. Leave room immediately. Come back in and stuff the 1st attempt (not completely ripped) into the bottom of your knitting bag. You will use that yarn if you have to. But not yet. It's too painful.

yes, people... I have frogged. But this was looking sooo wonderful. Hmm.. perhaps I should have fattened him up over the next few months.... ha ha ha . Just kidding PC. I love you, it was a trauma, but you are SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. And you look hot in sweaters. Just sayin'....

happy knitting Friday!

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