Friday, July 15, 2005

So, what have I been doing if I haven't been blogging? Well, knitting of course! Here is the back of my latest tank top and the first 2/3 of the front...should be done tonight!
And here are the Champlain socks...finally finished:
And what else? I have been trying out the "cable without a needle" technique on a small practice sweater for a friend's 5 y.o.:
It's Minnow Knits (love these designs!)
Here's what I've got so far:
Cotton Ease Cherry... it's very bright! I like it, but my cables are coming out looser than with the needle method, so it's in the "think pile". Also,these need to be started soon and there is another Tivoli on the needles. :) Busy girl!

Other stuff:
The wedding... was beautiful! Here is a picture of the happy couple:
sorry for the crappy lighting... it was a church. :) The reception was great...danced my little (or not so little) butt off. PC had a great time! I met more of his friends and was very sociable and everyone was lovely. The day before, we went to the baptism for these little buggers:
my cousin, her hubby and their 2nd daughter.... she was ready for a nap.
my other cousin (they are sisters), her hubby and their 1st daughter... she loved getting her hair wet!

I got a few concerned emails from very thoughtful friends about my BIG SCARY APPOINTMENT. Ok, here's the gist. I went to go see the surgeon b/c I am in pain and they need to make it go away. (soon, if possible) So, I was sent to a "very good surgeon" at my local hospital. After 1.5 hours of waiting (while she was in the office, eating lunch), I was seen by the doc. I had to endure a half-ass exam b/c I am "too young", "havent' had kids", and am not "post-menopausal" --- and this shouldn't be happening. Well, duh? That's WHY I am worried! B/c I am not "the norm" for this... so, the doc makes an appointment for a mammogram "b/c it'll make (me) feel better." Now, ladies... when has having your boob squished for 1/2 hour in cold metal plates ever made you feel better? I don't want a doctor who thinks I am lying or won't take me seriously. So, I marched out of the office- called PC- cried- went to other doctor (who made appt) and demanded new surgeon. I was treatly like a child and asked embarrassing questions... use your imagination as to why she thought my boob hurt once she found out there was a PC. *sigh* So, I am off to specialist in Aug. Until then, less caffeine (see that PC??), more exercise and 800mg Ibuprofen. :)
Happy Knitting Weekend!

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