Monday, July 25, 2005

bad donut!

It's been a week, I know. And I apologize, but I have a really good reason... I do! Umm...I was busy. Work had a "thing" here last week that involved me being in and out of l-o-n-g meetings and then (oh poor me) out to dinner pretty much every night. My waistline suffers for my career. :) No really, it was a pretty big deal and in the end, it was great.

Work stuff: I got a big "thank you" or "way to go" from my boss on Friday... he seems pleased with my performance here so far. I am happy b/c this is the first time I have ever felt like this was where I belonged. I have had "jobs" before and with some great labs, but this is the first "career" I have ever felt that I can actually be with forever. It's a great feeling, finally finding your place in the world.

Knitting: Yup, I have been knitting! I *finally* taught myself Magic Loop for socks... and the verdict is:
THIS IS PERFECT! I can't believe I was such a dpn holdout for so long... I am probably going to have to donate them now! ha ha ha. But, here is the question for all you bloggers and lurkers:


Will trade for help!
Proof that I can finally get the k2p2 ribbing that I have been trying to force my dpns to achieve....

Look at that heel!
Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Shepherd Sock: color, Funky Stripe
Pattern: Betty's Socks, Westport Waves from the yahoo Socknitters group
Needles: US1, Addi turbos, 40"
Recipient: Socka-pal-2za sock pal

So, you know that PC and I didn't sit around all weekend, staring at my sock. Nope, Saturday, the forecast changed from partly cloudy to sunny, so we went for a drive. We came to Gloucester and saw 1000 motorcylces riding down the road! We also headed over to Cape Ann Whale Watches to see what has been visiting our neighborhood for some munchies! We saw a humpback, some finn backs, soem minkes and someone saw a harbor seal. We also saw a ton of tuna getting their lunch on! :) We headed out for a 4 1/2 hour cruise and came back about 5 1/2 to 6 hours later. After a delightful dinner (PC --- we need to go again!), we headed home. Sunburnt and exhausted! but happy!
the twin lighthouses just outside Gloucester harbor (and it's "glah-stah" for correct pronounciation).
So, Sunday--- we were lazy right? Sat around, read the paper and stared at each other? yeah, right... some of you need to get to know PC a little better- he's all about the great outdoors! So, we went to our all-time fave place for Sunday morning:
Great Meadows Wildlife Reservation, Concord MA
These are two beautiful white cranes that were happily fishing. There were a ton of frogs, toads and turtles around. I had a total "girl" moment when I reached down to grab something out of my camera bag and saw the BIGGEST bug on my leg. Yup, I screamed. It was embarrassing b/c PC knows that I am not "that girl". I camp for crying out loud. But, the fact that I didn't FEEL this bug and then to be face to face with it... I was caught un-aware. I apologize to anyone who thought PC was trying to kill me in the swamp. So, we walked around this place for a good while and on a "new to us" trail, I saw this:
It's like a postcard or a scene in a movie. I was completely moved by this sight. I may not look like an outdoors kinda girl (nails and hair done, y'know?), but this is why I love walking with PC. This blows me away. Thanks, honey, for a great weekend. I love you!

Happy Knitting Monday! By the end of the week, I will have something "secret" to show you!


  1. Short row heel with Magic Loop? Easy! You just let the non-heel half of the stitches sit and wait their turn while you work the heel--same as any other method. You CAN (if you want and really feel it's necessary) move them to a DPN while you work the heel, but I never bother. The only thing to watch out for is that the "corner" between the heel stitches and the waiting, non-heel stitches may stretch a bit, but that can be fudged a bit by picking up an extra stitch and then doing a K2tog on the next row, to kind of fill-in the gap.

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Agree w/ Deb. I'm a Magic Loop convert but I still use the Yankee Knitter pattern.


  3. Can't help with the magiclooping (though I'd like to try it myself sometime), but that sock pattern with that yarn looks like a lot of fun!