Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What's new PussyCat???


(all of you who have met me... just picture me singing a la Tom Jones)
More about this in a minute.

1st... short post. Long weekend, no work Monday, 1/2 day today...yes, I do get paid for this. (PC stop growling). I have TONS of wedding/baptism stuff to tell you. But not today. Also, b/c of all wedding/baptism stuff: no knitting. Knitting tonight. I promise. :)

PC and I saw the "circle of life" in effect this weekend. Saturday, two baby cousins were baptized in a beautiful ceremony at a family home. It was spiritual without being religious and a great party (we know how to party, don't we PC?). Sunday, PC's best friend got hitched. That's right,PC and I are the "last of the mohicans" (not the mohegans like PC kept saying) in the friends-getting-married-thing. No pressure. We will, just when we are ready. And my great-aunt passed. What a lovely woman. When I think "grace and poise" I think of Aunt Ethel. What a stunner! She has passed after a two year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. She will be missed, but Sonny (her hubby) will be glad to see her in heaven... she can play cards with my nana again.

So, today is a 1/2 day b/c of BIG. SCARY. SURGEON. APPOINTMENT. Yup, my little doc visit last week has turned into "something". I am not happy. Now, here is reason #456,798 that I love PC and that I know he's perfect for me. He didn't mention it all weekend. He saw me in pain, offered up the aspirin, let me grunt through it, asked very appropriate "are you ok? let's talk about what could be causing this" type questions and last, but not least... he went on WebMD last night. Yup, little bugger loves me that much. There are two big "maybes" here... something very inconsequential or something not. Either way, right now it's affecting my daily life and I am not happy. So, today is big scary surgical consult day. (PC even offered to take a 1/2 day to accompany me, but we need him to save time for VEGAS BABY! I am taking him for his 29 b-day).

So, what's with the Tom Jones? I HAVE TICKETS! PC (best possible pookie boyfriend in the world!) got me tix b/c I sing "what's new pussycat" at any possible moment throughout the day. I sing it EVERY morning in the shower. I love Tom Jones. No, I will not be tossing my panties on stage. :) Maybe I'll toss a pair of PC's unmentionables... see what kind of reaction THAT gets out of good ole Tom. :)

More knitting, baptism/wedding pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Too funny. One of my sisters has a HUGE thing for Tom Jones, too. and we all know the words to his songs! She would just love to see him (preferably in Vegas) someday...