Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the "real" one skein wonder!

I FELTED! Yup, took the Sophie bag design and whipped up a bag in less than 48 hours (working on it only during my evening drama shows) and then tossed it in to the wash with two pair of jeans last night. It only needed one time through the wash! As of this morning, the "stuffing" has been removed and it's pretty much dry! I am hoping that by removing the stuffing, the inside would dry a little more completely. I am in love... in fact, I am making another! I think I will have Christmas presents for all my girlfriends/female cousins now! :)
The Cascade 220 felts beautifully and at $7.95 a skein... you can't go wrong! I can imagine some cute beaded handles for a "night look" or a longer strap and a fold over flap for "out shopping, need two hands" kinda thing!


My weekend...well Tom Jones was great! I never thought his show would be as good as it was! It was amazing! He sang all my favorites (Delilah, What's New PussyCat, Unusual, and Green Grass of Home) and he covered PC's all-time fave (don't worry honey, no one knows who you are so it's ok if I "out" you)- Prince-- he covered "kiss". I danced and sang and generally had a great time! It was fun to just hear great music... no fancy light show, no pyrotechnics (yes, they all have their place, but for me-- I just like the music). PC was IN SHOCK by the number of women (~age--> our moms) tossing their underwear at this man! All in all, PC you rock. You got the tix, suprised the hell out of me, put up with a minor meltdown and sang and danced along with me... now, girls... watch out! He's taken! :) I've said it a thousand times... I have THE best boyfriend in the WORLD. ( PC- I love you <---THIS---> much!)

Friday was a little abnormal for us also. After a slightly 'altered' BBQ, we met up with one of PC's friends and his girlfriend at a bar in Somerville, Tir Na Nog. A great little Irish pub (God, I love this part of the country!) with a real Irish band playing a good mix of rock and traditional music. The fiddle player was amazing and well... the drummer... he looked like Animal on the drums. :)

I am working on a second Sophie...and re-assessing some of my summer knitting...I might "save" some of my proposed summer knitting until the winter. Right now, this is my Christmas list:
1. PC's mom-- Norweigan cardigan design
2. PC's dad-- Norweigan pullover
3. my mom-- pullover sweater(cabled)
4. my dad-- socks and a new warm hat
5. my bro #1-- baseball sweater from Knitty
6. my bro#2-- scarf and hat
7. my SIL- Elizabeth bag from Black Sheep Bags
8. best buddy-- Sophie bag

AND BEFORE ALL THAT: PC's cabled sweater. :) hmm... I should get busy!
Happy Knitting Tuesday!

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