Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How I Spent My Long Weekend

The weekend started off normal enough... PC and I both had separate plans and "together" plans. His "separate" plans involved drinking with the boys, playing paintball (only a few welts... no ice packs required) and well, I am not privy to any more information. I think it's bachelor party secret code. Even if you don't do anything to violate the trust of your partner, you need to insinuate that there was something that you can't tell them. Attn: men of the world; nothing you did could ACTUALLY be as bad as what we imagine when you start to tell us and then say "oh, I can't tell you anymore." Trust me, there is nothing worse than a woman's imagination when it comes to this. Anyway, I trust the good ole PC and I know *most* of the guys he was with... they got plastered, probably made some really bad attempts to hit on women ( I love my man, but his hitting-on-women skills are not so sharp) and came home. Everyone got home, nobody got hurt... all is good. (PC you know me and my sarcastic nature, so you know I am just teasing you!!!) So, the wedding is next weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh, someone commented that they wanted to know what PC means. Hmm.. wow, that's a hard one. I can't really tell you. Nor can I tell you why I am "mini" when I really am not mini, at all. (PC-tell the people, I am not mini) So, just accept that I call my boyfriend PC and that's that. I will tell you it's the initials of a very private nickname that only I call him b/c I made it up.

The "together" plans? Well, Sunday we went to my boss's cook out. A heck of a lot better than any work function I have ever had to go to! PC went admirabley and hung over. He did his best to be social and he did a good job. Monday, we went into Boston and had a cookout with these guys. Imagine inviting your customers to a party. At your house. As a side note, I think it's even funnier that the cook out involved drinking games and that a slightly-older-than-our-folks-couple came all the way from Sharon, MA to drop off a plant to the guys who own the restaurant. :) The food was good, the dog was threatening to get drunk if someone didn't give her a hotdog and the games were funny. Overall, the food at b.good rocks and the owners are great to chill with, so if you are in BackBay or even in Harvard Square (new location!) check them out.

Remember the dress? Well, I am still wearing it, and without a shrug. No time. I am going to bring my long faux-pashmina-type-wrap and that will work if I feel amazingly huge next to certain people. I think I'll just make it through the entire wedding sucking in my stomach. Think I'll make it? But, tomorrow, I gotta get shoes.

So, what were my "separate" plans? Well, I had planned on Kool-Aid dyeing some yarn from knitPicks. Yup, sock yarn. :) That smells like fruit. Does anyone know how many times I need to wash the socks before the smell goes? I rinsed the yarn forever and it is still fruity.
I began:
And this is what happened:
Mom was a BIG help... she "decorated the yarn" while I smooshed it around. We used the microwave method...I did get a lot more "white" parts than I would have liked, but next time... it'll be better.
My two favorites:
Remember the gorgeous yarns I was looking at before with all the reds/orange/golds? I tried to mimic them a little and I am VERY HAPPY. Here's all 4 little yarn muffins... Mom loves her blue and green!

Also, did any other Bostonians see this?
Someone KNIT a GIANT flag in North Adams, MA. It's part of a giant art project. I was really impressed. Alot impressed.

So, I am still knitting the tank top. I cast on for a kids' sweater last night. I am rubbing my new sock yarn whenever i have the chance, hoping inspiration will hit me over the head. :) And now I need to learn intarsia. Check out the new and look at "andre"... and "baseball". I am going to take the intarsia design off the "andre" and put it on "baseball". Ingenius, no? PC is psyched. But, I need to finish his 1st sweater first. :) We have a busy week and a busy weekend this week, so knitting will be few and far between... sorry. If you are Kat or Jenn...packages went out today due to me never making it to the post office before it closed on Sat or Tues. Sorry. :)

happy knitting wednesday!

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