Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When Life Interrupts Knitting....

I get angry. Well, actually- frustrated. But we have been doing GOOD things instead of knitting. An example: finally catching up with old friends and having dinner with them. Doing laundry. Eating dinner. Getting presents. Hitting the gym.

Oh, wait. I said presents, didn't I?

these dazzling beauties came from KnitWitMomma via our "just us" stitch marker exchange. OMG! I think I should send her more, b/c mine don't even COMPARE to hers! Yikes! No seriously, Jenn... they are awesome! (and currently in use!). :)

So, what else is new? Today, I went here. Yup. Scary.AND I have to go BACK. Double yuck. Have to say, for a very scary "reality check" doctor appointment- these nurses RULE. What class and sensitivity! They took a very scary thing and treated me like a human. I love them. I thank them. I thank them for taking me seriously and treating me with respect and NOT dismissing me b/c of my age. I am still scared, but at least now, I know I am in good hands. Capable hands. Caring hands.

Knitting stuff:
1. sockpal socks... almost done with sock #1--- camping trip next weekend should finish off sock #2.
2. PC's sweater. Well, I am 5 cable repeats into it and it looks great. And I was right, with my "gauge growth" i am at the "right" size. :)
3. pattern picking... what's this? I have some yarn from the W&W sale that is calling my name! I need to knit it!
4. making the "realistic" X-mas list.

So, what's new with you? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Happy Knitting Wednesday!

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  1. I went through that scary thing last year, and I know what you mean about the nurses. The ones at my Womens Center are just the best! Today, I'm still knitting on the Fishtail Lace scarf, and am thinking about starting the new Six Sox pattern.