Wednesday, August 17, 2005

wow... a Quizilla that is right on the money!

You like autumn sock yarn. You are a child of nature. You love being outside.
What color of sock yarn do you prefer?

brought to you by Quizilla

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am THE AUTUMN BABY. I firmly believe that the season you are born in is the season you are MOST comfortable in. I am a fall baby (October 9 for anyone who wants to know). I love fall. Apples. Leaves. Football. Sweaters. Crispness. Cool air. Pumpkins....oh the pumpkins!

I think in a former life, I WAS A PUMPKIN. Anything pumpkin-orange makes me smile. My fave dinner is pumpkin raviolis with pumpkin seed sauce, a pumpkin beer and a slice of pumpkin pie with pumpkin ice cream on the side. Favorite snack? Toasted pumpkin seeds of course! So, is it any wonder that I am considering making ERIS in pumpkin? Nope, didn't shock me either. I love all things fall and pumpkin. I actually detest summer (well, if not for camping and lake swimming.. this would be a useless season). This summer hasn't been that bad... this morning I had something on my car that I have been waiting for (impatiently):


It was a beautiful thing!


  1. Wow! And I'm the kind of person who starts to get depressed in September because soon summer will be gone and it'll be COLD again! YUCK!! I guess your idea about the season you were born in holds true with me also! I was born in the summer and I LOVE summer! :-)

  2. I love autumn and can't wait! You made me chuckle, though--my mother has a theory that the time you're born in (Daylight Savings or Standard) is the one in which you'll be most comfortable in, or something like that, because it's your 'natural' time.

  3. Hmmm. I disagree. I was born in May, in Texas, and I am most comfortable in New England, in the Fall. . . :)

    And, YES! I love W&W in Lexington (but didn't want to start a yarn store war on my blog...)

    off to read more of your blog, so glad to have found it!