Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm not dead.

Nope, really I am not. I am trying to do laundry, pack, work and get all my sh*t together before Vegas this Friday.

So, my little world here in Boston has been pretty much- Hi, I live in Boston. Born and raised. Multiple generations living in the family house, etc... I love it. And for the month of Sept, I will be in FRANCE. (cue: cheesy French music)

Work has dictated that I spend one week in France (in the Alps) for my corporate meeting. Then I am working here, stateside, for one week... then BACK TO FRANCE. For two weeks. My flight for my return from trip #2 is October 7th. Yeah... umm, what happened to September?

On top of all of this: I am knitting. Well, trying to.

1. Kepler... back almost done- this guy is going to France for second trip--- hotel room knitting
2. Sockpal2za- one sock down, at the heel for #2 (will turn heel tonight while laundry rocks)
3. PC's sweater...oh, will restart when I get home from French trip 2.
4. a request from a very cute and doens't-ask-for-anything-8-year-old: can you make me a poncho? yikes. yup, can do.
5. 2nd request from 14 year old: i want a shrug.

I need a vacation where I don't do anything.

Oh, in case I wasn't clear- all tests came back negative from scary B-day.

Oh, and PC got a new job! :) Everyone leave him a comment and tell him"congrats"! We are off to Vegas on Friday, back on Tuesday night--- i will try to post next week. Knitting photos- I promise!
:) Mini

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  1. Wow, fun in France. I am jealous. Makes my few days look pretty weak. But no work--just fun. Glad everything for b-day was just fine. What a relief!! And I have no clue about values on bags. What is the labor involved? Hours, etc?