Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Brave Little Toaster...

that's me! I went to the doctor Tuesday afternoon (with my mom). After a very nice visit with wonderful surgeon, I am off to the "biopsy room." My technician is rocking out to the Rolling Stones (this is SUCH a good sign... nothing bad can happen if Mick's in town,right?). Now, there are several things they want to do, in order, as an example "if this is X, we'll do Y." Ok, so start wtih X: needle aspiration biopsy.


I spent an ENTIRE year, sacrificing poor little defenseless mice (~50 per day) and I have seen the insides of a human, alive and deceased....but, put a needle in front of me and it's like instant nausea, waves of it... feeling lightheaded...panicky... and I am NOT a good patient.

Back to the Stones... the radiologist and technician put me at ease. I look away whilst they plunge 3 needles of lidocaine into me to numb me. This hurt the MOST. I watch the monitor with my "little"black spot on it. Then I see something attacking my little black spot. It's the needle for the biopsy. When did they do that? My inner scientist comes out: "wow... that's cool" The radiologist who just spent 20 minutes calming me down says "cool? ha ha ha... what do you do for a living?" I explain the whole biochemist thing and he says "and you are afraid of a NEEDLE?"

Ok, I never said I was a RATIONAL biochemist.

Onto knitting:
Oooo...first- presents!

I know, crappy blurry photo... but these are BEAUTIFUL stitch markers from HAWAII. Yup, my swap partner came from HAWAII (the only state I haven't driven through or flown over).
They are perfect for socks!
Thanks Debbie!

This is the cable for Kepler. Or it was. Nope, no frogging... but I did make major progress but finishing off the back cable, and picking up stitches for the body. :) The pattern says to make the cable bands all at once, but I really wanted to make each piece as I go. :)

Not too shabby, eh?

On top of all of this: I LEARNED TO CABLE NEEDLE-FREE.

I just thought of something... I am knitter that is afraid of needles!
happy knitting Thursday


  1. Hi Kate! Wow -- that biopsy! Good luck with that. I love to cable needle-free, and I heartily endorse it. I wanted to let you know (finally!) that your stitch markers arrived safe and sound, and I'm finally getting around to saying THANKS for them! I love them, and I really needed some larger-size ones! Jenifer

  2. Kepler looks goregous. I love your color. Sigh. I am glad you got through the needle biopsy. I went through a bit of a scare in the fall. I have to go for my checkup but have yet to schedule it (only 4 months past due). I hate going to the doctors. My SP1 bailed on me.

    I am interested in a project bag. Whatcha charging? I like longer straps. :)