Monday, August 15, 2005

Another Monday?

Already? huh... 24 hours ago, I was in NH, with the adorable PC, working up a sweat.

...taking down a tent. dirty, dirty minds people!


So, what did I come home to this weekend? Umm.. how about 4 new stitch markers and some homegrown-handspun-hand-dyed yarn? This is the same yarn that I was drooling over at the League of NH craft fair last week. I broke down. I bought it. Alot of it. But, it's going to be used almost immediately!
I have an unknown yardage of this...
210 yds + 93 yds + 176 yds = 476 yds

I am thinking of the brioche stitch raglan from IK Fall '05 for this yarn... but, i think i need more...
Stitch markers from Uta If you are reading:
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really think they are going to be perfect for socks. Oh, about socks. One down, one to go on my SockPal socks. I am *hopefully* going to start them tonight. I have a secret project (one involves a sewing machine and pins...) for my SP5 for her last parcel d'art. (ha ha ha).

Hope all is going well... wish me and PC a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 3 years and still madly and truly in love with each other! If we are anything like our parents, it'll be 40+ years of this! :)

happy knitting monday!

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  1. That yarn is positively goregous. And the stitch markers lovely. Fab color.