Thursday, August 18, 2005

Very Little Knitting....

But a WHOLE LOT of sewing!

Some of you know already that I sew. Actually, I specifically "quilt" more than I sew. But, I've made myself some pretty cute little project bags over the past few years. But, now that I have made this:
I want one for me. Oh? I didn't say? It's not for me. It's for someone else. It will be popped off in the mail tomorrow with some other treatlets for this person! :) Lucky chica, huh?
They are also getting these:
for regular knitting needles:
for circular knitting needles:
Yup, that's one lucky person!

So, what's this?
Oh, I missed my friend's birthday--- so I am knitting a Sophie for her very quickly. Have the perfect button for this one too!

Is going very well. Scary well. I know, don't jinx myself. But I have to say this; my first ever business trip is here:

I leave in September (a Tuesday overnight flight) and get there a day ahead of the meeting. My boss decided that I needed some time to "adjust" to traveling abroad. So, Wednesday morning- arrive in Geneva, picked up by driver, carried over to France through the ALPS (!!!) to Lake Annecy. Will be there by noon. Sleep a bit. more of a nap. Hang out in the ALPS for the afternoon. Dinner with colleagues. Thursday a.m. sleep, hang out in the ALPS, short conference meeting in the afternoon. Friday, small meeting in the morning, afternoon off. Saturday: PLAY DAY. With the boss on the French side, this could be anything. We heard a rumor that we might be getting HANG-GLIDING LESSONS. Sunday, back to Geneva, through Paris and back to Boston. :) I love my job! Next trip: off to the South of France (Avignon) to train with some French colleagues for 2-3 weeks. The training is set so that you train 4 days, have 3 off, etc for several weeks. So, I will be exploring southern france 3 days a week!

PC and ME:

Hmm... so, somebody has a b-day coming up. It's not the big 3-0, but we are celebrating it anyway! It's 29 and it's PC's. So, I thought a few months ago: everyone makes a big deal about 30. Why not celebrate 29 and kick off the last year of being in your 20s in style? So, what are we doing?
Viva Las Vegas!

PC's never been... so, I am taking him for his 29th b-day (go ahead.. wish him a happy b-day!) We are actually arriving in Las Vegas on his birthday and we'll be there for all of Labor Day Weekend. Leave Friday, back on Tuesday. He's excited. That's good... it's sometimes tough to find him something he'll like. This trip thing seems to be working!

It was also our anniversary on Tuesday. We had gone away this weekend and then out to dinner on Tuesday night. 3 years. Damn... somedays it feels longer, some days it feels like we just met. It doesn't hurt that we are still completely madly, truly, deeply crazy about each other. :) My mom always told me I will be very lucky if I can find a man who makes me smile, gives me goosebumps and loves me unconditionally. Yup, got him! Love you PC!

happy knitting thursday!
PS- if anyone wants a bag or a needle case, let me know... nominal fee... will help me bust through some fabric stash. (i.e. the material is free... only the labor cost involved--- make me an offer!)


  1. Wow looks great. Hope the person appreciates it!!!

  2. Excellent! DH is threatening to put my sewing machine in the basement - just because I haven't used it in, oh say, 15 years. But I may have to put a stop to that and sew some stuff, as sewing seems to be the new adjunct to knitting in Blogland. Oh, and I love the nifty lable on your bag.