Monday, August 22, 2005

...I need your help...

All of you, please.

My name is Mini and I have a problem. PC's sweater sucks. No really. It's a HUGE problem. The Cotton Ease has no bounce, no "oomph" for the cables, doesn't "hold" a rib and well... it's just a PROBLEM. yes, could completely switch out the yarn (no prob, it is a worsted sweater--- there are a few brands that might work... ha ha ha).

But, right now, I hate the pattern. He still likes it. I don't. At all. I have some red Cotton Ease to go with the black. Rip back and make a "baseball" style with the "andre" logo on the front?
TRANSLATION---> Learning Intarsia

Or, does anyone have a great sweater for guys pattern that has the following:
1. v-neck
2. cables or something, but not "busy"
3. all one color
4. no bulky or chunky yarn
5. comes in a 44" chest?

EMAIL ME... I beg of you. Save our relationship! He already waited for the quilt for like 8 months longer than he should have. "The quilt" almost ended us. Now I am so afraid the sweater myth will materialize before my eyes!

No photos, 2nd sock definitely cast on. And I need to finish it ASAP, b/c after I get back from Vegas, I am at work for a week, then off to France. Not a lot of knitting time! Yikes!

Kepler... have you seen this? I started drooling immediately and then said "mine!" I am using the Lana Grossa that I got at the W&W sale this spring. Purple eggplant color that will just be "wow" on me. :)
This my first "real" attempt (i.e. successful) attempt at cables. And did I just pick plain old cables? Nope a gaelic style plait. In a 16 row repeat. :) I love it. I already memorized the chart!
1. Never knitted from a chart
2. Never knitted a real cable
3. Never knitted a garment for me.

I think I'm in love. But, I got to work on the sock! Sock will be worked on while 13 year old cousin gets hair cut and new highlights for back-to-school. From hair to her butt to chin length. Saturday at 9. :) I can't wait. New school (high school) needs new hair.

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  1. I can't remember what sweater you are making, I hope I don't suggest the one you are already doing, but check out this one: