Thursday, June 30, 2005

2 posts in one day?

yeah, i'm getting NO work done today... :) But, next week will completely be work-work-work. So, I found these today... this is my motivation for trying KoolAid dying this weekend (any hints, please post them!):

The top photo is Mountain Colors , in their "Yellowstone" colorway...

The second photo is from Kaleidoscope, and it's Cherry Tree Hill (predictable, but who am I if not a Cherry Tree Hill lover?) in "Indian Summer". I cannot WAIT for autumn to arrive!

Tonight, I have to think about which stitch markers to send to KnitWitMomma --- we're hosting a stitch marker swap, party of two! :) I love her stitch markers, so I might have to send her some extras of mine to make up for her VERY pretty ones... go look at them! She's going to be selling them at her LYS... i think she should put a little PayPal button on her blog...(did you hear me?).


  1. YES! I agree! I can't wait for autumn too! My favorite season of all!
    Thanks for the Joanne's tip! Do I see a ball winder in my future?? :)
    I have never used cherry tree hill but am a staunch mountain colors lover. And I love both of those colors!

  2. Oooh . . . that Yellowstone colorway is amazing! And I agree that Cherry Tree Hill is wonderful (though I've only used their sock yarn). And also yeah, I'm already looking forward to autumn--my favorite season and the best time of year for sweaters!