Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Finally...some knitting!

Last night, I had 3 hours of undeserved knitting time. 3 hours all to myself. *sigh* It was lovely. This is how I spent my 3 hours of Mini-knitting-can-finally-work-on-something-time....
hour #1 started laundry and picked up a bit... finally put some clothes away
hour #2 started knitting on Champlain sock, but said "bo-ring" and picked up the neglected ribbon tank
hour #2 1/2 working on tank and watching NCIS on t.v.
hour #3 realize I haven't been knitting b/c I am completely absorbed in NCIS.
head off to bed.

I did get another 4 inches on the ribbon's knit from side to side so that is a large amount of space, but it's a "big knit" on 10.5 US needles. I am still trying to figure out how my 2nd ball of ribbon is lasting longer than the 1st.... are the yarn gods helping me by preventing me from another trip to credit card hell (Michael' was the ONLY place that had it, and it was on sale)? Maybe...

So, my SP dropped me a comment saying that she'd like to see my ThreadBear purchases. Well, time for some yarn porn...
This is the Adrianne Vittadini (I KNOW I must have spelled this wrong, but the yarn is at home...y'all know what I mean)'s cotton/silk/and viscose? ( i think this means rayon)
AV yarn
And this is the Classic Elite yarn that I decided to substitute in for my Mom's clapotis (I am so not linking that again... y'all know where to find it)
Aren't they pretty? So, a good part of last night was "petting time" for my yarn. While trying to photograph it, I had to touch it to move it and well, it was definitely yarn porn. I will NOT use the AV yarn yet, though. I am pattern searching... the gauge is 5 st/inch on US8s... any suggestions? Sometimes I have a hard time finding patterns that fit b/c I am "not svelte." And I have boobage. Which is the reason PC tolerates my insanity sometimes. I have a theory that sometimes he puts up with me b/c he can zone out and stare at "the girls." Just kidding!

Last night, I worked on a secret project for my SP! This is going to be so much fun! :)

Oh, and Jenn? I linked you today! I love reading her blog, so you should go over and check her out. :)

Happy Knitting Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Ohh, I love the color of your Vittadini yarn. How much did you buy? Have you figured out what to make?