Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Drumroll please......


Ok, so here are the specs:
Pattern: Chickami from Knitty
Size: Medium (38 inch bust)
Yarn: Classic Elite Flash in Monterey Magenta
# of skeins: 5 total at 98yds each
Modifications: added 1 inch (7 rows) of stockinette before the hip shaping in order to add length. I also did the straps a little different; on the knit rows, I knit all 5 stitches BUT on the purl rows, I slipped the 1st stitch purl wise, purled 3, slipped the last one purl wise. It will help it lie a little better and makes it 1) wider than I-cord but 2) smaller than the wide straps listed in the pattern (they looked a little TOO wide for the overall look of the cami).
What I Learned/Would Change: I didn't like this yarn. At all. It split, it had a zillion knots in each skein and it was difficult on my hands at times. I really liked the pattern though and will be making another one in a different yarn for myself.

Next up...I dunno. I am going to have a vote. Leave me a comment with your vote!
1. PC's black cabled Cotton Ease pullover
2. cute little 4th of July tank for me (I am pulling for this one!)
3. Sockapal-2-za socks

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Looks great! You cranked that one out in no time :). Of course I'm voting for option #2 :)

  2. I also vote for option two - and the tank looks great!

  3. Very cute! I vote for another tank.

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I love your chickami! It turned out great.

    I'd vote for your 4th of july tank, but will it be finished by Monday?! :)