Friday, June 03, 2005

Stash photos for my adoring fans!

Yeah, I know... "adoring fans"? PC thought that was pretty funny too. He also thinks I was a little star-struck meeting the great Alison yesterday. But, he is very supportive. After all, knitting is not so bad for an obsession... I mean, I get something out of it at the end, right? Well, it could be worse, I could drink. I do drink, but not in the "cozy up with a bottle of Jack before noon" kind of drinking I could be doing, if not for my wee bladder and complete inability to hold my liquor. So, therefore, I would not be a good alcoholic, so I will be a good knitter. :)

Here's the loot:
yarn 1
yarn lounging on the deck. (hey, everyone else had fabulous photos of their yarn outside, their FOs's finally nice enough in, the yarn went outside.)oh, how much did I buy?
16 of these:
yarn 3
2 bags (13 in one and 14 in the other)of this:
yarn 2
Yes, it DOES seem like a lot for the orange, but it has a purpose. One, the yardage is only about 100m (~110yds)and I have a 48 inch chest. :) (remember, these are both a blessing and a curse)

Purple "Bingo" is destined for greatness as a wrap style top...I am thinking a crossover top with a fitted bottom... kind of kimono style, but it will still be a pullover. I will try to find a photo.

Orange "Numero Uno" is for Numero Uno...ME! She will be a beautiful aran-style cabled sweater. And a hat/mitten-glove/scarf combo for the winter.

Both yarns have the advantage of being superwash b/c well, I love machine washable. And the colors will complement my coloring (think black Irish to extremes: dark hair, pale skin, blue'd never guess I am 1/2 Norwegian!).

No knitting last night- dinner out with PC...yummy Chinese food. It's so hard during the week with him... I miss him so much! We live just a mere 1/2 or 3/4 mile from each other but with his commute by the time he gets home, he wants to eat dinner (I've usually just finished) and we're exhausted. I cannot WAIT until we can find an apartment! Oh, to all the Boston people out there... We are looking for a 1 br in Arlington/Somerville/Medford/Malden for under $1000 per month in a decent neighborhood, with parking and MBTA access... Do you think this place exists? If so, email me! I need to be able to park my car (I drive to work) and he needs to be able to get to the MBTA easy (preferably the red line). We love Teele Square, but it's so pricey now! Arlington seems like a good match for us. Hopefully I will finish the tank top this weekend... everyone is back from traveling and sick days, so no more work knitting while reading journal articles. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

I am sending out a package to my SP this weekend...I hope she likes it! To my secret pal, I bought 12 skeins of the lime green AV yarn, destined for an "early fall" sweater...something I can layer lightly with...any suggestions? I like V-necks and am not afraid of cables!

happy knitting Friday!
See you on Monday!


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Where were you in April when I was looking for a tenant for my Dad's condo:( Have you checked
    The yarn is yummy. Do you know what you are going to make?
    Sit 'N Knit is my most LYS but I like to spend my yarn money everywhere.

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Oh, Arlington has a yarn store, so it gets a plus for that! I wish I knew of a great place to find an apartment. I'm sure it goes without saying that you must have room for the stash!