Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Movin' Right Along...

Foot loose and fancy free....
Getting there is half the fun....

Why is it that Muppet songs stick in your head for so long? The entire time I was working on the Chickami last night, I was humming the "movin' right along" song. I used to love the Muppets. We would be allowed to stay up an hour later to watch them when I was kid. I think it was because my parents used to love them too! I remember my dad dancing around in my living room singing the silly songs with us. He used to love the two old guys in the theater seats. My favorite was Miss Piggy (PC knows why). So, there we were, 3 kids in pajamas, all ready for bed, eating ice cream and dancing to the Muppets.

Speaking of my dad, I didn't do any "Father's Day Tribute" to him on my blog. I love my dad. I am the only girl and the baby of the family (can you say spoiled?) and I will always be my dad's princess. My dad worked very hard when we were kids, often having two jobs because he was in construction during the recession. So, there were often times when he would not be home for dinner or when we went to bed. Alot of times, my mom would have us in bed at 6 p.m. on nights Dad worked because when he got home, we would get up and play with him. Yup, playing flashlight tag at 11 p.m. on a school night in our backyard, getting our pajamas filthy. And my mom laughing. We were always the most important things in Dad's life. When I graduated from college, he cried. He was so proud. Mom's pretty cool too, but that is a different story for a different day. I think that I am the person I am today because my parents believed in me and kept me always feeling loved.

Well, onto knitting! I was busy last night and no, I didn't get through the increases yet (tonight!). Here is my progress shot from this morning:
The sheep is telling you it's 7 1/2 inches!
A close up of the waist decreases:
So, yes... I am movin' right along (oh, this song will be in my head forever).
And finally, a picture of what's in the hanging baskets next to my deck:
Since today is a typical summer day in Boston, I thought this would cheer me up. Oh, a typical day here? Kinda muggy... and it's going to rain. Again. If one person around here talks to me about drought or water conservation this summer... I think I'll have to attack them with my dpns!

Happy Knitting Wednesday!


  1. You do realize that the colors in those flowers match the colors in your knitting, right?

  2. Miss Piggy was my favorite muppet, too! As a kid I actually said that I wanted to be like her someday! ;-)
    Great choice of yarn, btw and I love that little sheep. It makes me happy!

  3. awww...sniff! I love your dad story. Feel kinda the same about mine (who's on the decline side of his life). I'm sure that was a very, very nice Father's Day present for him.

  4. Ah, the Muppets! I loved that show. Fozzie Bear and Rolf the dog were my favorites. I guess I just have a thing for cute, furry little guys. (A weakness that Chappy definitely capitalizes on!)

  5. I loved the muppetts! Just last week we got on netflix the best of the muppet show. I thought the kids would like it. They had no intrest in it! Can you believe it!
    Crazy kids.