Thursday, June 23, 2005

So, how's that yarn diet?

"umm...not so good".
I finally ordered from KnitPicks, but it's for trying out some dying with KoolAid. I am excited! While PC is at a bachelor party, I will be KoolAid dying with the help of my mom(whom I need to enlist). But, today, WEBS sent me an email with the new closeouts. I have decided to make the "other men" in my life (two older brothers) scarves and hats for Christmas this year. They didn't get handknits last year, so I thought this was a good year for them. And I wanted to make them with decent yarn, but not spend a fortune. I also have this mad plan to have all the christmas-y stuff done before Turkey-day. Think it'll work? Then I will only have "fun" shopping to do, like toys for PC and miscellaneous children who land on our list. Also, this should be the first Christmas in our own apartment, so there needs to be plenty of 'cuddling and staring at the beautiful tree' time built in to the schedule.

I ordered some Filatura di Crosa - Ultralight in a gray and a black. (Gray for R and Black for J)... I ordered 600 yds of each for a whopping $24 per brother. Not bad. I am happy. :) I figure that is enough to make a watch cap and a decent scarf for each of them... with wiggle room for cables and ribbing. It's a 53% Alpaca 22% Wool 25% Nylon blend, so it'll be warm and soft. Very important. Also, not machine washable, but that's ok. They send their suits to the cleaners so these can go too. :) Or at least be dropped off by me for some TLC. I am hoping it's not TOO fluffy, but I don't think it will be. Even 100% alpaca I have knitted with has behaved fairly well once knitted... in the skein- a different story. But the idea is to have these done before October.

No pictures today. :( I have been busy, but just too busy to pop pictures. Check out the Subway Knitter's newest modification of the Madeline sweater!
Happy Knitting Thursday!
:) mini

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