Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baa baa black sheep.....

have you any wool?

Yup- 3 BIG bags full! YAY! Did some *minor* stash enhancement this morning. Yup, this MORNING- as in before work. It was great! I hit an LYS sale that started at 7 a.m. And on the way there, after dropping PC at the train, I was thinking: "should I ? or shouldn't I?" Well, I am DAMN happy I did! Not only did I get 3 BIG bags of wool (yes, one of my first experiences foraying into the "this-sweater-will-cost-more-than-100-dollars-but-i-made-it-damn-it" world), but I met Alison. Yup, in the flesh. She was spotted by several others too. Can I just say a few things (especially if you are reading this Alison!)?
1. super nice
2. absolutely adorable
3. even better in person

It's weird, because you *feel* like you know these people... these knitbloggers that you read. But, in real life, you have no idea. They could be nice on the blog and evil in real life. (hopefully, not ever true, but possible) I felt like a starstruck teenager. Now, I tease PC about not being able to make intelligent sentences when he is confronted with certain "members of a band" (that we have had the occasion to actually speak to), but today was my turn. I couldn't think intelligently. At all. So, I made random comments and hopefully didn't offend her. Well, as The Harlot would say, "at least I didn't say arse." ha ha ha

Now, I have met Alison. I wanted to hug her and say "you are the reason I knit socks. You are the one who told me where to start, what to do... I have warm comfy feet b/c of you!" and then re-hug her. It would've been weird. She probably would have been nice, but taken my plate number. ( I know I would have). So there you have it. I bought wool at 7 a.m. in a real store, with real people. And I searched through bags of discontinued, marked down yarn with Alison.

Yes, I did call PC IMMEDIATELY afterwards. 1. to give the financial damage update, 2. to tell him that I met Alison! He was very excited for me (he's been trying to get me to work up the nerve to join the Knitsmiths, a knitting group) and thinks I completely broke a barrier today. I bought good wool for ME and I approached a complete stranger and didnt' pass out. So, Alison, I raise my coffee cup to you! Hopefully, you made it out of Lexington Center with some great deals, some good yarn, and some new friends! Oh, and I would've recognized you without the boys anyday!

happy knitting thursday!
New stash photos tomorrow... i promise!


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Lucky you meeting Alison! I just knew she'd be nice in person. So what did you buy?

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    How awesome that you met another sock blogger! Someone that inspires you, no less! It sounds like you are feeling much better than you did this weekend.