Monday, June 27, 2005

SnB, new dress... *almost* FO....

What more could you ask for in a weekend? Hmm... well, PC asked for a new MP3 player: asked and answered. I asked for new dress: in my hot little hands. SnB...well, that was better than I ever imagined! PC gave me a little push in the right direction ( I think he wants me to stop talking about knitting and "be interesting again") and I really do love it! I knew it would be good for me to find a group to knit, chat and have fun with. Little did I know, how great these ladies would be. I had a great time!

(i'll see you all there NEXT sunday too!)

I am NOT GOING TO BITCH ABOUT THE WEATHER. I'm not. Everyone else is doing that for me. And I live in Boston, so the questions of the day are "hot enough for ya?" and "ohh..the muggies have returned?" *sigh* get new jokes people. Overall, this is a slow time for my business... so it's a nice calm monday.

So, here is the BIG question of the day:
The dress (a Filene's less than $50 find, by the way) is for the wedding of PC's best buddy that I have to attend next weekend (right after the 4th). comes with this:

I think the sweater screams: SOFIA PETRILLO. don't you?

I am not sure if 1) I want to try to rush through a shrug for this or 2) that it actually needs one. I know, summer in Boston- I should be ok. But you know how the reception halls never want the bride to be "too warm"? Also, I don't particularly care for my upper arms (they jiggle) and that might mask it. Any opinions? Help me out here people! PC- stop reading here- I am also a little worried b/c of the whole "skinny women" that will be attending the wedding. I know, I should "love who I am" but c'mon... we all get a little self-conscious. I am hoping to just fade into the background at this one. I don't know PC's friends very well and while the couple getting married is very nice, I don't know them real well either. I will let you all know how it goes. But, let me know about the shrug thing! I have the OSW (one skein wonder) from Glampyre- the pattern that is. I would want to make this in pink. Probably Calmer or something similar.

Chickami update: damn near done! I will have a picture tomorrow... and a FO!

Dinner menu tonight: Halibut steaks on the grill with zucchini, squash, and corn on the cob.

Happy knitting Monday!



  1. See you next week, and good luck finding something to go with that dress - very pretty!

  2. Hey, I just took the plunge and hung out with a knitting group for the first time myself, too....It's a good time, eh?

    Nice dress for a wedding! (Good for you for braving the depths of Filene's, too....I go about once a year and last 10 minutes down there.) As for shrugs, have you checked out the summer '05 issue of Interweave Knits? It includes six fun summer shrugs *and* a very cool Debbie Bliss bolero.

  3. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I vote for the shrug. I can't put my finger on why, but it just looks like the shrug would compliment it so well.