Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Question on my mind is....

Did she (SIL) like the sweater? I dunno. My brother spoke to my mom and said she liked it. I haven't heard. To be honest, I rarely hear from my brother and SIL, but I am going with the answer that I like best: yes, she loved it... will treasure it always. :) *grr* Once, just once... I would like to be there when someone gets my handknits.

My mom's Chickami is coming along nicely. I am about 5 inches in now... past the decreases, onto the increases (tonight...they will be done tonight). So, I have a few projects that I would like to complete before the end of July. Yup, the whole "sweater with a deadline" thing really kicked my arse (oh my gosh, i pulled a "harlot") in to gear. So, here's the list (no pics today... it was a rough morning):
  1. Champlain Socks... I only have 1 left to knit and it's 1/2 way done.
  2. 2nd tivoli t-shirt for me (in Turino Silk... the stuff that Jane sent me)
  3. mom's chickami
  4. one hat/scarf combo for the "boy's gifts for x-mas"
  5. 2nd chickami for moi
  6. sockapal-2-za socks in the BRIGHT colors.
  7. my felted bag... that never ends. does anyone know if the Bartlett yarns shrink width or length the most? I am *almost* done with this bag. Almost.
  8. a 3rd tivoli for the Other Jane (potential future MIL.. PC's mom), but am iffy on this one... I think I might do the hourglass sweater for her
  9. start the hourglass sweater for me.

Now, these are in NO PARTICULAR order. I just did a quick post-it of stuff I want to get done and out of my house. I think I might toss in a Soleil for good measure. I have plenty of time for knitting b/c it's nice out and I am making time for ME. :) (proud of me honey?)

Ok, since today is the first official day of summer.... we had a huge outdoor ice cream party at work! How great is that?


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  1. I'm so not even going to make a list! But I like the stuff on yours. Can't wait to see the silk tee.