Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Camping and Knitting

Well, anyone living in New England knows that camping is like breathing for some of us--- it MUST be done. PC and I are those people. We love sleeping in the tent, making the campfire, swimming in unknown ponds/lakes/rivers. To us, it's the perfect vacation. BUT (yes, this is a BIG BUT) camping has no A/C. None. Nature is it's own A/C when you are camping. And usually, it's not a problem. Go to the lake all day, get a sunburn, knit, read, eat sandwiches, swim, swim, swim. Head back to camp...the sun goes down, put on jeans and sweatshirt b/c it just became 40 deg in one hour. This weekend... I swear it stayed 80+ degrees (F for all the Canadians out there) ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT. We couldn't BREATHE it was so hot. But, we made the best of it.

So, super sticky body that is pouring sweat + mercerized cotton knitting that is to be a gift= no knitting. I did some (like 4 rows) at the campfire on Saturday night, but I actually prefered sitting and chatting with PC and watch him poke at the fire than knit. So, Sunday night when we got back (and last night) I worked more on the "grumperina" t-shirt with a deadline. I am 2 rows away from the waist decreases. I think I can get all the decreases and increases done tonight. I will still need to wash and block this one after I add the crochet edging. Any ideas? Should I go "decorative"? perhaps a faux picot? or should I KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and do single crochet? The sleeves and the neckline roll right now and the recipient might not appreciate the "handmade" look of that... and I want this person to like it.

Give me some feedback!

Oh, and in the midst of all this- I got a very large SP5 package out the door to my pal yesterday. :) I hope she'll like it! This is a lot of fun! Oh, and MY SECRET PAL has left me some comments about checking my mailbox---ooohhhh the excitement builds! I haven't received said package yet, but already I know that my secret pal rocks. How do I know? Call it female intuition, but I think my SP is pretty damn cool. I can't wait to find out who you are!

Well, more knitting photos tomorrow. I PROMISE (scout's honor)
Happy Knitting Tuesday!

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