Monday, June 06, 2005

Bad Knitter... great weekend

So, absolutely NO KNITTING this weekend, no matter how much I tried! Friday night was all about eating pancakes and catching up with PC. Saturday, after a relaxing morning of a mani-pedi combo (I'm such a girl!), we went off to this place:
Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI
Oh, did I take pictures? Like you had to ask!
Believe it or not, this is a SHEEP:
Weirdest looking sheep I have ever seen, more like a goat,but the sign said "sheep." Now, my observation was to PC "those are scarf size sheep." Onto more animals!
We missed the morning bath for these guys, but they were still amazing.
PC took a picture of me that morning:
bird hair
No wait... that's not me! But, the hair this weekend was quite similar. These weird little birds were "babies." And they were trying to break through the glass to get to little kids' fingers. They were cute, but I was worried they would hurt themselves.
Now for my favorites! I am in LOVE with giraffes, even own two pair (thanks honey!) of giraffe socks...a stuffed giraffe...two giraffe statues... all things giraffe are ok with me:
giraffe 1
cute, huh?
giraffe 2
giraffe 3
"at least get my good side!"

What a great weekend! We also went all the way through the North End of Boston on Sunday and watched some bocce ball, some baseball and a lot of sunbathers! It was a great PC is the best! We are REALLY going camping this weekend! YAY! And the weather here is acting a little wonky... so, we'll see if we are packing shorts and swimsuits or sweatshirts and rain gear, either'll be great!
happy Knitting Monday and drop me a line, let me know how your weekend was!

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