Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Secret Pal....

I think I am in love.....
with the book you sent me!
sp5 presnt1
I have been drooling over this book at Barnes and Noble! AND she sent me an adorable card (I forgot to get photo) AND a yummy fruit smoothie recipe! (I love to cook/bake/experiment in the kitchen....and I just bought a watermelon...hmmm)

So, to my SP5: I said it once, I will say it again: YOU ROCK! And you were right, I have done some stash acquisition lately and I found 4 projects in the book to use for stash depletion! :) The HourGlass Sweater is on the list...using the cotton/silk in lime that I got from ThreadBare? What do you think? I love that the silk would really add some "bounce" to the cotton.

No pictures of the sweater-with-a-deadline yet... I am through the waist decreases... they are so cute! Thanks Grumperina! So, at lunch maybe I can get into the increases... I just found out that SIL (the intended for the gift) will not be coming up this weekend. Nope, so, I will give the sweater to my dad to hand off to my brother (her hubby) to give to his wife (my SIL) at the golf course on Sunday. *panting* did you get all that?

Side Note: my family seems to have a good "curse" of genetics---we get VERY old. My great-aunt passed this weekend and this evening is her wake. (as you know, my Grampy passed in March also). I feel blessed that I am able to have the older generation of my family around for so long... I feel like I got to know them as "fellow humans" rather than just "my old aunt" or "Grampy" b/c well, anyone who knew Grampy knew he was so much more. It's just a thought, but I realize how lucky my brothers and I were to have grown up a few mere streets away from our grandparents (both sides) and to have cousins and family within 45 minutes. PC has the same "close knit" feeling in his family... close relationships with parents, granparents, aunts, uncles... I am hoping that this is something we might be able to pass to our kids someday- that strong feeling of family.

Enough with the deep thoughts...
Happy Knitting Wednesday!


  1. OOO I have been dying for that book!

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I'm glad you found some patterns in it that you like! Be sure to check for all the book corrections. The hourglass sweater had quite a few messups in my copy. I didn't look to see if yours was corrected or not. I think the sweater in the green that you bought would look gorgeous!

    DH and I are both addicted to those smoothies. Enjoy! :)

  3. That book looks fantastic -- enjoy it!