Friday, June 17, 2005


It's DONE!

Well, kinda done. I need to finish up the edging a little. It rolls. Grumperina told me that it might be too loose of a cast-on. Next one, I will cast-on looser. yes, you heard me: NEXT ONE. I am going to be sneaky about it... I need to cast on another project so that PC doesn't think I am just going to make t-shirts all dang summer. :)

So, the rolled edge question: what do I do? SIL is NOT savvy when it comes to knitted garments (she's NOT a knitter)and I don't think it's completely fair to ask a non-knitter to block their items and/or iron the hems down. Nope, this puppy should just behave! So, there are some options:
1. Single crochet... this is what it looks like:
not impressive...:(

2. Add garter border by picking up stitches and doing 4 rows of garter--- this could be tricky with the square neck... any ideas?

3. let the edges roll and tell her it's trendy. (won't work)

4. Rip out and re-knit in 1 day (what are you nuts?)

5. ask all of you for help....
here are two more photos (the close up is of the great inc/dec incorporated in the pattern)

On a side note: my neighborhood was a hot bed of excitement last night. Armed robbers attempted to hijack a Brinks truck in the North End, then using a series of 4 get-away cars, landed a mere 3/4 mile from my home. I guess it was a pretty tense afternoon. Kids were kept in school for an extra several hours, people escorted from their homes...but here's my question: now what? Seriously, if you were the armed robbers: now what? You DIDN'T get the money. You DIDN'T make a clean get-away. They have ONE OF YOU in custody (ooppss...checked the news: two in custody). Now what? I am thinking that they will go right back into Charlestown (the FBI knows that is where they are from) and well, no one will ever say another word. Charlestown is funny like that. Ask anyone who grew up in Boston in the 1980s...that place is like that. So, that is my two-cents for the day. This weekend will be knitting, tv, shopping(boy do I need some clothes!) and a brief trip to Beadworks in Cambridge...have a clapotis coming up and I need markers!

Update: my boss's wife is expecting a girl in the fall...oh the fun I will have knitting for that! I think she'll deserve a Miss Dashwood, don't you??

Let me know what y'all think!
Happy Knitting Weekend!

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I would vote for a crochet edging on the T. i think it would look the better than the garter stitch on that square neckline.

    i love miss dashwood! That is such a cute bonnet and a sweet photo for it.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!