Tuesday, May 31, 2005

no knitting...no camping...just sick

So, PC finally got to "see me" after my doc appt on Friday (I thought I had strep,nurse practioner said "allergies...go back to work, here's some antihistamines"). Well, my whole dang office is out sick now, and my belvoed PC. (poor baby... I hate hearing him cough). I just called back to the doc office and I am told: umm, well... you didn't sound like you had bronchitis. huh? Well, all tests came back normal. I feel fine today. Absolutely fine.

PC was my rock this weekend. He sat with me Friday night and he rented the Heffalump movie (I know, it's for 5 year olds, but it was cute, it involved no plot-engaging thinking and well, it distracted me for 68 minutes) and we had ice cream sundaes (peppermint stick with hot fudge for me!)for dinner. More conversation about "should we/shouldn't we" for camping the next day. Weather forecast looked dismal. Sickly Mini with sickly sounding cough and zero energy was on the "pro camping" side of the debate b/c well, we really needed a weekend away and I just feel better when I am camping. So, PC was on the opposite side. Always the diplomat, he says "we'll see how you feel in the morning."

Enter morning... Mini has about 4 hours of sleep, completely interrupted b/c I can't breathe when I am lying down and can't sleep sitting up. THIS is allergies? No wonder everyone bitches about them (my first bout with allergies). So, sore throat is still there... has moved to my ears? Hmm... this is new. Runny stuffy nose? Check. Super sore chest muscles from coughing? Check. Raspy rattling cough? Uh oh... this is not "allergies". I know this. THIS is bronchitis. Call warning to bronchitis-prone PC. "Nope, just the nasty cold I had last week... tag, you're it" says PC. Otay! Now, I know strep throat choking throat culture will come back negative. No little bumps on the throat. No fever. Nurse gave me penicillin "just in case." ( I took them, just in case) Friday I was told by doc to return to work. "Not contagious"

Saturday afternoon- PC knows I cannot stay inside all day. I am NOT good at that. So, he calls the camping place... says sorry "she's practically dying" they say "ok, no refund." (we werent' expecting one) So, off to lunch. Yummy lunch at favorite sandwich deli (Lendy's). Now what? SLUSH. Now, everyone NOT hailing from Metro North of Boston: SLUSH IS NOT A SLUSH PUPPY OR A SNO-CONE. Slush is a frozen mass of water, sugar-laden flavoring, and artificial coloring. You have to scrape it out of a bucket to put it into a cup. The consistency is smooth and cold and wonderful. And if you have a sore throat... you want to throw your self at the Richie's Slush guy when you see him. Slush is a New England tradition... very specific to Boston. It's like Italian Ice, but not. So, with a 1/2 watermelon, 1/2 lemon slush, we set to calming my throat.

Saturday afternoon continues with a delve into the Blockbuster store near PC's. Leave with Shark Tale and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. The second movie leads us to ask 'what's a white castle?' So, I made it through exactly 1/2 of each movie- drooling into PC's lap while snoring loudly. We head to Papa Gino's for dinner. Sunday-- PC went to work to 1. get overtime, 2. help with the big inventory counting that was scheduled (remember, we are supposed to be away this wknd). He works, I attempt to sleep. We make a big decision to go see "Star Wars : revenge of the sith". Very interesting movie. I am not into Star Wars... they are good entertainment, don't get me wrong, but I am more interested in comedies than these sci-fi things. But overall, I enjoyed it. Lunch/dinner was at a great new BBQ place called Famous Dave's on Rt. 1 in Saugus. One complaint about the movie: the people who brought the toddler who SCREAMED everytime the lighting changed. Or something blew up. Or something was loud. PC didn't notice. He was into the movie. At this point,PC decides he too has my cold. So, our movie "sneak in bag" (that usually has Walgreen's candy, home popped popcorn, and bottles of water) now has cough drops, tissues, and Chlorasceptic. A note about my sneak in bag... if I am paying $10 for a movie, I am NOT paying $20 for the stuff to munch on. A good thing though, our movie theater doesn't serve coffee (at least I can't find it) so, I am NEVER stopped with my Dunkin' Donuts cup!

So, sick weekend, very little knitting b/c well, I was ill. Spent a good part of Monday making PC grilled cheese sandwiches (I am the Queen of the grilled cheese...just enough melty and butter) and then mindlessly starting at the tv. I did, finally do some knitting on the silk sweater, but have to say, was worried abotu coughing on the yarn.
OH! My Threadbear order arrived! You guys are wonderful!

Did I mention that my office is now sick? Yup, boss called in today and the other two are travelling... will probably check in with them later to see if they are sick too.
happy Knitting Tuesday!
~Mini *cough*


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about such a dreadful weekend. It sounds like you got to get out of the house a little bit and get some fresh air, though. I can't wait to see what you got from Threadbear and I hope you get to feeling better, soon!

    SP (secret pal)

  2. That sucks that you are sick. Hope you feel better soon!