Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nor'easter knitting!

So, I finally have some photos for y'all. One of the Silk Sweater, that, yes... I am still afraid to frog. I will do it tonight while staring blankly at the tube. Last night's staring blankly at the tube resulted in a large amount of progress on the Champlain Sock.
champlain sock1
and the heel (why am i fascinated with turning my heels? I also need to learn short row heels...anyone have good directions?)
champlain heel

So, more knitting news. (PC-avert your eyes) I bought yarn. I know, I am supposed to be on a yarn diet, but this was too good! I was *innocently* looking at Threadbear Fiber Art Studio because, well... it looked interesting. And, they were having a sale. A good sale. A sale that made me break my yarn diet. Now, this info is for PC:
1. the yarn is for ME
2. it was almost 50% off
3. I would never be able to afford it if it weren't
4. it's discontinued (hence the 50% off)
5. it's cotton and silk so I will be "pettable". ;)
here's the picture (I have 12 124-yd skeins on the way! enough for a short sleeve sweater)- i chose the lime green.
So, there it is... then end of the yarn diet relapse. Absolutely no more! I told the women at both my LYS's - no mas until the fall. :)

Since I am on a yarn diet- you might be wondering why. Here's why:
Mini's list of crap to finish:
1. my Champlain socks
2. PC's black sweater (oh, he chose the red v-neck style, FYI)
3. SIL (now) Xmas sweater
4. my silk sweater
5. Clapotis for mom's b-day
6. two tank tops for me- one ribbon and one a weird tape yarn

TRANSLATION: way in over my head. I leave you with a picture of the top-down raglan that is the silk sweater. I added a v-neck and I absolutely love this pattern (it's a fill-in-the-blanks-and-it-will-fit-you-to-a-tee pattern I found online)
silk sweater 1
Happy Wednesday knitting!

PS- weather report for Boston: Nor'easter... hang onto your skirts! Oh, (once again, PC- avert eyes)- I was driving to work today, avoiding all the downed trees, etc and I heard a noise. A loud noise. I turned down radio and instinctively stepped on the break. Did I hit something? Is it a truck? Complete astonishment as a tree branch plops from the sky and lands 5 feet in front of my car. A BIG branch. Huge branch. Do I grab my digital camera? Nope, slip into reverse, back up, turn left, slip into drive and proceed to go around branch. If I were 5 feet closer, my car would be squished. and Mini too!

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